Sunday, 15 June 2014

Aerin - Madison lipstick

When in Bicester, it would be rude to not pick up a few items, including sneaky makeup ones, and one included a beautiful Aerin lipstick in Madison, from the Fall 2013 collection.  If I am quite honest with you now, as always, this is a brand I hadn't heard about, yes yes I've crawled out from under the rock.  The granddaughter of Estée Lauder has set up her own luxurious beauty line, and boy is it one to watch.

It is quite clear what pulled me in to this from the picture above, thankfully in this case I wasn't just a sucker for the most delicate and glamorous packaging ever.  Concealing a stunning berry lipstick, I was beyond sold.

The packaging of Aerin Madison is not only a sensational yellow gold, but is also heavy.  Not heavy enough that you need to do some wrist excercises don't worry, but the added weight just adds to the luxury.  There is even that satisfying click noise when the lid meets the body of the casing, everything about it just makes you hope to the lipstick heavens that the contents lives up to the outer pressure.

A warm berry tone which verges above the typical nude lipstick but below the vampy look.  Lately I have found the tone which suits me best and dang this falls straight in to that category.  There's a slight touch of a purple undertone, concealed within a beautiful deep rose colour, it's just perfect.  In fact, it has just the right amount of colour to add that pop of colour to your face on a neutral day or, for those night times when there's more colour on the eyes, it would balance as the perfect neutraliser.


The staying power of this, in my opinion was the only downfall, it didn't last as long as my other lipsticks. But, and there's a big but, this did not deflect me from wanting to try more products from this range.  The fact that it didn't last very long, let's be honest, it's a lipstick and if you're anything like me who could talk to a wall for hours then anything is going to have a job to stay on for a long time.


This lipstick is great for those of you who are a bit too nervy about heading over to the dark side with deep lips and are fed up of a nude lipstick.  Honestly, I just love it, insert big hearts for Aerin Madison lipstick.

As earlier mentioned I picked this up at Bicester Village for £17, however you can get your hands on this from John Lewis at £24.

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