Monday, 23 June 2014

First Impressions 1 : Hourglass, Lipstick Queen and Oribe

I think it’s about time, I first of all hang my head in shame, pop on those puppy dog eyes sunglasses, and apologise for my lack of internet activity lately.  Things have been extremely busy lately, let’s just say the work and play balance has been in full swing my friends!  Now though, we are back, and back with my first impressions on a recent mini haul I ended up getting myself in to at Space NK,  it’s a naughty shop and should definitely (not) be avoided

South Molten Street Space NK, oh the kid did good, and heaven appeared in my vision when Sigh, a lipstick from Lipstick Queen in the Butterfly Ball range, fell straight in my hands and made me see only love hearts.  A sensational formula which leaves my description as a lipgloss in a liptstick.  For those of you who love shiny lipsticks which give your teeth that extra wow factor, this range from Lipstick Queen holds the reigning crown.  A creamy formula with capsules of light refracting pigments which give that oh la la appearance.  Sigh is a sheer plum toned colour which shimmers like a butterfly in the light, it is absolutely beautiful.

I freaking love this colour, shade, formulation and having hunted high and low for it, let me tell you, nothing has disappointed upon those all important first impressions.  It even lasts longer than strong pigmented lipstiscks due to the sheerness, leaving behind a fraction of the colour on your lips, if that even makes any sense to you all...  Anyway, to sum up, big thumbs up, love it!

Hourglass is a brand which I have been struggling to get my hands on as the Space NK local to me doesn’t stock it, however, whilst in London, of course, I rejoice I rejoice.  Like a honey bee in pollen I was straight over to the stand and captured by the Ambient Lighting blushers, boy oh boy are they stunnerz (with a z because they are that good).  Having swatched to my hearts content, there are 6 available shades in the range, I opted for Diffused Heat, described as ‘vibrant poppy’ and one that instantly stole my attention.

Pan appearance is something exquisite, a marbled creation of glorious vibrant pink with an ever so subtle shimmer hidden within a swirl of Hourglass Light Ambient Lighting Powder.  When swirled on your brush you become to realise how pigmented these blushes are, don’t worry you won’t be left looking like a horror movie clown.  Diffused Heat gives that pop of colour to your cheeks that gives you that just flushed look, perfect for the summer with a smidge of shimmer, none that shall leave you looking like a disco ball fear not.  You will however have clown cheeks if you use a lot of this product, a little goes a long way! 

First impressions of this are great, in fact it’s the only blush I’ve been reaching to for the past week and there’s a few more of these I would like to get my pinkies on. 

Next to catch my eye in the physical features was the +Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Powder Palette which has been teasing me online for a silly amount of months now.  Seeing it in the flesh, complete compulsive purchase last minute at the checkout because it looked so darn beautiful.  These powders are designed not to provide ridiculous amounts of coverage but to give different lighting effects on your face, sounds too good to be true right?  The palette comes with 3 shades, Dim Light,  Incandescent Light and Radiant Light, which each add an extra va va voom to your face.  Let’s give you a brief sentence for each of these powders if you haven’t seen them before:

Dim Light : A peachy powder which helps to blur pores, imperfections, those pesky bits we don’t want anyone to see, whilst providing a splash of warm radiance to the skin.  This powder I love love love to use just to lock any concealers etc, in place as it just looks divine.  The glowing isn’t like a highlighter fear not, it just adds that extra warmth and radiance.

Incandescent Light : A pearlescent shade which I have been finding fantastic for popping on to cheekbones for highlighting during the day.  It’s even great for placing under your eyebrows just giving that extra wowers to your face.  The shimmer isn’t going to stop people in the street don’t get me wrong, it is extremely subtle, perfect for that day at work or maxin’, relaxin’ with your pals.

Raidant Light : A golden bronze powder which I am loving popping on to my cheeks, just over or above my blusher and boy oh boy does it give the most incredible finish.  Just as the light hits that radiance given is like no other, sunkissed heaven on your facial area!

First impressions of this whole palette is fantastic and I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of these gems.  Whilst it might seem extremely expensive, although they aren’t full sizes, a full size does cost £38.00 so at £56.00 from Space NK for 3, it doesn’t seem too out there afterall!  The texture is silky smooth, with the powder being extremely fine so it doesn’t give any cakey feeling anywhere!  They don’t cling to any unwanted areas and light your face up like no other powder can (so far that is …).

Finally to round of my first impressions, with a not so first impressions of Oribe. At £39.00 for 300ml from Space NK it is what could be described as a ridonculously expensive texturizing spray, so I purchased the travel sized version, which was still a squeeze at £19, again from +Space NK apothecaryNeed I say more that I later purchased the full size can?  This is now my go to for giving the roots of my hair that extra lift, that’s right people even those with hair the thickness of a lions main need texturizing spray.  My hair, due to the thickness hangs at the roots and sometimes requires that extra but of help, Orbie, thanks for that, you’ve ticked and cemented that box!  My hair doesn’t feel sticky, dirty or broken afterwards either, the only thing being that it is handy to have the travel sized version in your bag out for a long day or if you’re heading straight out at night from your days adventures.  I have found that throughout the day the odd re-sprucing could be required, but overall, you can tell the first impressions took me as I did pop the full sized version in to my arms … and hair.

That’s what I call a wrap, the very first, first impressions complete … the next first impressions, Charlotte Tilbury, Summer Sirens, Beach Sticks.  Keep those eyes peeled and prepare to be sizzled with Ibiza vibes, (they're beyond incredible)!


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