Thursday, 17 April 2014

White eyes? Soft Kohl : Rimmel

Scandaleyes, I've purchased before, on to an automatic winner, Soft Kohl from Rimmel in white, this was a newbie for the collection.

In the past I've steered clear of white eyeliners as although they make your eyes look revived, they can also help to eliminate any pesky redness, double bonus, looks like we are on to a winner!

This white does do one thing right, an old classic for making those eyes look beady, like you've had a million hours sleep, and make you appear fresh faced.  If you are already graced with beautifully big eyes though, I would be careful, you don't need whites so go and play with some bold colours !

Don't be scared of the colour 'white', many people are and if you walk in to a drugstore you'll find a load of whites, proof!  However, here's my top 5 ways to wear white eyeliner, you won't look silly or like a clown... :

1. Trace your black liner with a white liner - do your black liner on the top and bottom of your eyes as usual, then above it draw a thin white line.

2. Inner corner brightness - place some on the inner corners of your eyes and blend out to make your eyes look brighter and wider.

3.  Eye liner reversal - apply your colour of choice to both waterlines, then take the white colour and smudge it out just below the waterline on your lower lash and above your lash line on the upper lid.

4.  Be bold - take the plunge and wear the white liner by itself, no other colour, just white.

5. Highlight - use the white pencil to highlight under your browbone, you'll be amazed at the results!

I have found this pencil to hold many magical uses, however, if I'm honest this is only a colour I would use at night time, not during the day.  However, for those evening occasions, don't be scared to get out that white pencil and dare to be classic with a modern day twist!



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