Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Justin Timberlake makes us all Love Stoned...

Who doesn't love a bit of the ole JT?  After his latest 20/20, if you were lucky enough to pop along, you will completely understand why I am now in fact besotted with this musical legend.

On Saturday 12th April 2014 my sister and I went along to the LG Arena to see JT himself wow the crowd to their knees.

The show itself was divided in to 2 sections with a 10 minute interlude inbetween.  Whilst this may seem odd, JT himself joked that at his age he needed a break, sure whatever, it actually was refreshing and made each side even more exciting, if possible!

Section 1 and JT greeted us with an incredibly dapper suit, he looked good enough to eat before he even opened his mouth.  It was more relaxed than the latter, but believe me, this hunk had every single person in there up, grooving and singing along.  He really is a magical specimen!  

From top to bottom everyone in the room was completely and utterly fixated on JT.  Then, the ultimate magic began, the singing and instrument playing.  Really, this man made however many thousand of spectators swoon in the LG.

Throughout this section, we were graced with JT strutting himself and his voice across the stage countless times to some absolute classics, everyone was joining in!

Section 2 however, showed us JT in a more relaxed but still utterly, yes I'm going to have to say it, sexy outfit...

It was definitely a lot more upbeat, with guitars, keyboards and even a moving platform which moved over, yes over, the seated crowd in front of the stage!!

We even saw a few covers make an appearance which definitely took us all by surprise and made everyone continue bellowing out the tunes alongside Mr. Musical Genius himself.

(I know this video isn't a cover but it was too big to upload!  Take it from me, Human Nature was a good'en!)

At the end of the show, for some reason JT bowed to us, when in fact we should have been bowing in a line at his feet.  I can honestly say that Justin put on one of the most incredible 20/20 experience tour ever.  There was the perfect combination of both old songs, which we all know and love, with his newer songs, which were absolutely incredible.

Overall rating for the show 1000000000/10, beyond mind blowing, just WOW!  So to finish it all off, thanks to JT for such a cracking show, with everyone off their feet dancing all night long we are now all in need of putting our feet up.  We were all rockin our bodies!  When this tour is finished, Justin, put yours up on a sandy beach with a delicious cocktail in hand ...

For now though, hopefully I'm going to go and daydream about this night for a very long time ... 



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