Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Craving the summer sun, Nars : Laguna Bronzer

If I’m quite honest, this hadn’t made it in to my makeup collection until a few weeks ago, fear not, and rest assured it shall be a repeat staple!  Nars, Laguna, an item everyone raves about and insists you simply must have it in your makeup bag.  Why I hear you cry out at your computers?  Well, because it is one of the most beautiful bronzers to be created with multiple functions for your face, FACT, now I shall join the Laguna raving club ...

As with Nars products, Laguna also comes complete with their signature sleek black packaging.  Yes, this does get a bit grubby with makeup ridden hands, but let's all agree now, it is incredibly striking despite being black and white.

The reason you may ask why it has taken me so long to jump on board the laguna wagon and pull that whistle, simple, the shade.  Laguna in the pan looks an extremely deep and rich almost chocolate matte brown.  Even if you were to swatch this on your skin it does appear slightly on the darker shocking side...

Having watched an obscene amount of youtube videos and reading copious blog posts, the deep plunge was taken.  Let me tell you now, it wasn’t in to a cold pool either, it was in to a lovely bubbly warm Jacuzzi! 

As Laguna is a matte bronzer it is absolutely fantastic for contouring your cheek bones, I would even go as far as to say it has jumped straight in to my favourite bronzing powders.  A tip for contouring is to suck in your cheek bones and gently glide a thin brush in the hollow which appears (you’ll see a shadow when you’re looking like a fish, pop the powder in there!).  

I feared this would look silly on me as being a redhead my skin tone is rather pale.  However, on the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised, phew!  It is exactly the right shade to help create definition on your face, whether it be your cheeks, forehead, nose or jawline, this holds all your answers.  After contouring I do like to get a big face brush just to blend Laguna so I’m not left with a harsh line, which no-one wants, not even on pantomime makeup!

It can also be used to add depth to your eyes when doing your eye makeup.  When creating a warm or even a smokey eye, Laguna can be used in the crease and dragged out to the outer corner, making your eyes appear bigger and more striking.

Finally, I would use Laguna as my everyday bronzer.  It honestly has a completely flawless finish which doesn’t leave your skin looking as though it has been caked in powder and an added bonus, it’s longevity is incredible.  No matter the function for your Laguna there will be no doubt in me saying that at the end of the day it will still be in the same place as you placed it in the morning.

If you’re contemplating taking the Nars Laguna plunge, then I would highly recommend in doing so.  No matter your skin tone, you can either build it up or tap of excess to create a sun-kissed, beautiful golden glow to your face in all the right spots.

Laguna retails at £27 and can be purchased on the Selfridges website (click here).

After a Laguna photo session it felt wrong to not include a picture where I was messing around because everything was just 'oh so wrong', so here we have it ...

On that note, have a fabulous evening lovelies !


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