Thursday, 6 February 2014

Body Shop Body Butters : Fuelling your skin of goodness

Body Shop, Body Butters, they have been a staple in my body moisturising department for so many years I cannot even remember.  I could not write enough about how much I love these beauties which can be used all year round.  If these were edible, yes I would eat them they feed my skin with so much moisture!  Or if Blogger became to have a smelling app I would let you smell all that you shall see below, believe me it would be inserted here...

When you walk in to any Body Shop store, there is a very strong probability that you shall be greeted by an incredible wall of Body Butters, full of different butters for different skin types.  What at first may visually look like a giant jigsaw puzzle soon becomes a lot clearer, one gigantic wall of goodness which you can smell, purchase your favourites and then smother your body in this yummy pot of deliciousness. 

Over Christmas 2013 there was a ridiculous sale, and by ridiculous, I mean jaw droppingly truly exceptional ridiculous sale, I think they were 50% plus if you are a member of The Body Shop you get an extra 10% discount, that’s a whole 60% off with the free postage and packaging offer, RIDICULOUS!  This should help to explain what you are about to see ... 

Anyway, back to Body Butters and the amazing rainbow wall of colours to pick from, which all hold the key to different scents including mango, strawberry, lemon, coconut, cocoa and brazil nut.  All the testers on offer will get your senses buzzing from the texture of them on your skin, the scent, their appearance and the smooth sound as they glide the pot on your hand.  Even your tastebuds go to the moon and back, you want to eat them they smell so divine!

On each side of the pots there is an indication as to how rich the butters are for example, dry skin, extra dry skin, normal skin, however, if I’m completely honest the only difference between them all is that the extra dry butters keep your skin hydrated for longer as they are ever so slightly thicker.  I use all of the different skin types and haven’t found my skin to be drowning in oil or starved of moisture!

The formulation of these body butters is stunning, they glide on to your skin like butter takes to toast, they are quickly absorbed and don’t leave your hands feeling like you could fry an egg in them afterwards with all the oil.  In fact, these body butters are formulated so beautifully that your skin will be left silky smooth

There is one in particular which stands out from all the Body Butters due to its slight twang, and a good twang at that!  The Coconut shimmer Body Butter, which has a beautiful rich coconutty smell and when rubbed on to your body leaves behind a subtle shimmer.  It looks incredible and is the perfect skin cream for a special night out! 

You may just be able to see the subtle shimmer on my hand here, fingers crossed!

Right now all I can smell is coconut and boyyyy, does it smell amazing.  I would now like to be on a hot white sandy beach, blue sea with a coconut in hand!

Aside from the Coconut Shimmer there are another 5 which stand out to me, each of which I cannot get enough of and yes, the Body Butters below are all mine.  Guilty as charged!  Below you shall see Passionfruit (purple), Vanilla Bliss (yellow), Almond (darker yellow), Vitamin E (pink), Coconut Shimmer (white).  At the moment, I absolutely adore the Vanilla Bliss which was one of The Body Shop's Christmas scents, it smells superb, feels like silk on your skin and leaves your skin looking freshly moisturised.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to moisturise your skin leaving it feeling as though you’re sitting like Katy Perry on Cloud 9 surrounded by candy then give these a go.  You really won’t be disappointed!  Check out The Body Shop's website here and take a peak for yourself.  Most of the Body Butters on offer are £13 but you may find some bargains for £5!

If you have a soft spot for these and have a favourite I'd love to give it a try, keep me posted in the comments below...

BIG smiles,


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