Friday, 7 February 2014

Chanel le vernis nail colour : Alchimie, swatch and review

Chanel nail varnishes, the creme dela cream of the polish industry.  From the irresistible packaging, to the finish, everyone wants these polishes and it is understandable why.  The bottles are something you want to display, as many as you can fit on your dresser or in your bathroom, the finish, luxurious and the effect, soft like silk.

Alchimie just adds to this sensational collection.  I was given this colour by one of my bestest chums, firstly the most gigantic thank you ever and secondly, the finish, is something out of this world.  Alchimie is a khaki green shade with a subtle golden tint which appears more when dry.

Removing the lid and you are met with the classic Chanel polish bottle lid.  Again, another thing to tick of the painting list, the screw tops are perfectly sized so make it easy for holding whilst applying the varnish.

The brush on Alchimie I find to be extremely effective.  It is a thin brush, which some may see as a negative, and whilst thicker brushes are sometimes more useful, this particular one allows for precise and even application - which is important with this shade!

Alchimie itself holds an extremely strong pigmentation which means application is incredibly important.  If not applied in even coats you could end up with streaks, something we don't want with this beautiful colour.  My tip is to apply one thin coat and then a slightly thicker second coat, of course seal everything in with a high shine top coat.

If you fancy trying out this beautiful shade then check out the Debenhams website here where it is available for £18.


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