Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ciaté : Playing delicately in a Dolls House

There's no denying that Ciaté has to be one of my favourite nail polish brands on the planet and their Dolls House Collection for SS14 made me go weak at the knees.  A delicious array of a pastel rainbow but slightly more pigmentation than usual pastels including green, white, pink, purple, yellow and a warm caramel.  Or in more Ciatéfied terms Dollface, Paper Doll, Baby Doll, Poppet and Sweetpea..!

There is a twist to this beautiful pastel collation, they aren't just pastel colours and nothing is ever 'just a nail polish' with Ciaté.  These have the effect of being porcelain, hence the Dolls House title, fragile and delicate coloured nails gracing your fingers.

Starting with the presentation, you cannot get more cute than being in a mini dolls house!  There's something about buying or receiving a little gift which shows that the manufacturer has put a little bit more thought in to the presentation, that extra special touch.

Now to the polishes where each makes you want to gobble up your nails, they look that scrummy.  Whilst Ciaté state that the polishes offer high coverage, I cannot deny that the pigmentation is absolutely spot on, I found upon application my first coat to be extremely streaky to get an even coat.  This could be due to the quick drying aspect of the beautiful delicate liquid.  However, as soon as the second coat was applied, the streaky bacon effect vanished and my nails were completely transformed with 5 different beautiful shades of porcelain.

I absolutely adore the matte finish on these polishes, it couldn't have worked better the 5 colours in this collection, however, if you do feel as though you want to have glossy nails, the effect of these can easily be updated by adding a high shine top coat.  This doesn't effect the texture of the polish or the colour itself, it simply leaves you with a shiny set of nails.

If you're wondering what could provide your nails with that essential twist this summer, then look no further than this website right here.  Get your hands on Ciaté's Dolls House Collection whilst stocks are replenished, it won't be a mistake!  The set costs £18 for 5 mini polishes of 5ml and these polishes shall last a while as you don't need thick coats to get the effect of the porcelain.

Here's a top tip to help your matte nails last a tiny bit longer, to seal the polish apply a layer of your favourite matte polish over the top.  This won't alter the finish of the Dolls House Collection, but protect them that little bit longer.

Another massive tick in the box for Charlotte and Ciaté at creating an exceptional innovative nail essential for SS14!


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