Monday, 3 February 2014

Nars : Orgasm Blusher, road tested!

Nars, a brand I have only recently discovered, despite them being an exceedingly popular and heavily recommended in the beauty bubble.  First things first, I need to get this out of my system straight away, the names of each product, my immature 24 year old-self came alive and had me stitches!  Once you take a step back, inhale and exhale however you come to realise what absolutely incredible products are available.  The sudden realisation as to why people are so infatuated by this brand, Nars, becomes oh so very clear.

Having heard and read a lot about the blushes this was my first point of call on their website.  Usually buying makeup online for me without going to the shops is a big no-no, I like to do the usual thing and swatch anything and everything on my arm.  This occasion though, I felt as though enough thorough youtube watching and blogger reading had provided me with significant amounts of information!  The result, was a safer option of the ‘Orgasm’ blusher, one of their best sellers and most popular blushes, now I see why!

The packaging is beautiful, sleek and sophisticated, with a solid black shell carefully protecting the precious coral blusher inside.  The only downfall to the packaging in my opinion is that, I’ve used this blusher for about a week so far and already it is getting my grubby finger prints over it!  This is something I can get past though! 

Next comes the colour, the colour of Orgasm is something extraordinary, click here for a link to the Nars website.  A peachy, pink coral shade with a discreet shimmer which helps to illuminate the skin and give you a glowing look.

As you can see, using Orgasm eliminates the idea of using a highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones, this sneaky product does ticks another box as well as saving time!

The staying power of this blusher is incredible, you genuinely have no requirements at all to touch up all day!  For example, I put it on this morning at 08:00, it is now the evening and there is still a prominent healthy flushed look in place.

The price of this blush was £21.00 which is still a high-end purchase but personally I don’t think is particularly expensive if you compare it to brands such as Benefit, Chanel or Charlotte Tilbury.  If you were to compare this to drugstore brands, then it is a bit more on the pricey side, but you do need to treat  yourself every once in a while and if you do, then this is the product for you!

I wanted to show you folks what it looks like on, so please excuse the rest of my face, it came back from a long day at work about 45 minutes ago...!

I absolutely cannot wait to try some more of the Nars blushes, I’ve heard that ‘Deep Throat’ is also meant to be beautiful and have read a lot about it so this could be my next investment.

Have you got a favourite Nars product?  I’d love to hear your recommendations below!


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