Monday, 24 February 2014

Clarins : Gentle Foaming Cleanser \ Tested

Clarins can’t do anything wrong when it comes to face care and the gentle foaming cleanser is no exception.  Available for three skin types, normal/combination, dry/sensitive and combination/oily, it is by far, in my opinion one of the best face cleansers on the market.  Each cleanser is equipped with a magical ingredient best equipped to your skin type.

 Providing a squeaky clean finish to your skin, no mess and an effortless application Clarins once again can sit proudly with the skincare crown.   
 For many years I put my skin through a bit of a nightmare trying to find the ‘right’ skincare products.  My skin is sensitive when it comes to skincare products and everything seemed to make me react in some way.  Whether it be redness, breaking out, drying out my skin, making my skin oily, you name it and ‘it’ happened!  This all changed however when Mummy Sneds told me to try the Clarins skincare line.  Although these are a bit pricier, the foaming cleansers retail at £18, I haven’t tried another cleansing product for a good 5 years.

Clarins gentle foaming cleansers are exactly what they say on the tubes, gentle foaming cleansers.  The one product which leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, not irritated and completely refreshed.

I use the Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive Skin with Shea Butter, which feels like heaven landing on my face.  It doesn’t disturb any of your skin’s natural moisture balance, just simply glides away any make-up, pollutants and pore clogging debris.  Sounds too good to be true right?  It really does!

The cleansing foam oozes out on to your hand looking like a delicate blob of butter which holds all the answers to your skincare problems.  This is exactly what it does!  The tube has the perfect sized nozzle which doesn’t allow for waste; you carefully control exactly what is being dispersed.

As simple as you could imagine to use this cleanser involves only water, your face, a face cloth and of course the product itself.  I generally dampen my face, squeeze some of the cleanser on to my hands and rub it between my fingertips.  Then gently apply this to my face in gentle circular motions for roughly 2-3 minutes.  Personally, I feel cleansing to be very important if you want to remove all tiny pieces of dirt, so I tend to spend a bit longer on cleansing. 

This is the point where you shall feel the cleanser really getting to work, the foaminess comes in to play and you shall notice the Shea Butter gently nourishing your skin.

To remove the cleanser, I tend to wet a face cloth and delicately swipe it away from my face.  Instantly your skin will feel smooth and soft, ready for your favourite lotions and potions to finish off your skincare routine.

Although this is designed to be used in the morning and night, I only use this in the evenings and use a liquid cleanser in the morning.  There’s nothing wrong with using this twice a day, I used to, I’ve just found a routine which is more suited to my skin type.

The ingredients as listed on the Clarins website are:

Gypsophila extract: helps create a fine, lightweight cleansing foam.
Cottonseed : softens.
Shea Butter : nourishes, softens.
Pro-Vitamin B5 : soothes.
Bio-Ecolia, extracted from natural sugars, helps to preserve the skin's natural moisture balance

If you’re looking for a wonderful, magical and nourishing cleanser for your delicate skin then Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser is the one I would recommend to you.  You can buy it here directly from the Clarins website for £18.  Thank you once again to Mummy Sneds for introducing me to this incredible cleanser.

Do you have any other cleansers which work wonders on sensitive skin?  Let me know below,  I would love to give them a try!



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