Sunday, 23 February 2014

Chanel : Rouge Allure Velvet, L'Adorée \ Review and Swatch

Chanel never seize to amaze anyone with their seasonal collections, with their new Spring 2014 line let's take a look at L'Adorée, 45, a beautiful mauve matte lipstick.

Chanel lipsticks are the epitome of lipstick, a beauty haven ready to be explored, your lips ready and waiting to be coated in heaven.
The packaging, as always with Chanel lipsticks is effortlessly classy, sophisticated and something everyone wants to pull out of their handbag.  With a glossy black case, delicately encasing a gold barrel concealing the beautiful lipstick.

The colour of L'Adorée is stunning, a semi-matte mauve suitable for a lot of skin tones in the summer sun.  If you see in the images below, the mauve looks a little glittery, this is the secret, now not so secret moisture pockets which keep your lips nourished.

Whilst you may think 'matte for summer?', don't worry, this matte lipstick is different to others you may have been drawn to before.  Chanel's L'Adorée provides moisture to your lips even when dry.  I kid you not, this matte lipstick actually provides moisture to your lips whilst on, yet remains to look matte.

The lipstick itself, delicately greets your lips like a spoon does to ice cream, gliding effortlessly on.  It also holds a strong pigmentation so I found myself not needing to apply much to get a bold colour.

I found the longevity of this to be about 4/5 hours, which personally I don't think is bad for a matte based lipstick.  Another big bonus about this is that as it fades throughout the day it won't a) stray from your lip line or b) it won't go patchy.  Instead it gradually fades, leaving a dewy purple tinge to your natural lips.

Either way, this lipstick is absolutely stunning and will definitely leave those lips looking lustrous all summer.

If you want to whizz this up before stocks run out, click here where Debenhams have a few left in stock for £25.



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