Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Charlotte Tilbury : Cheek to Chic, Love Glow \ The Road Test

I have wrote before about my love for the Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection and one of my favourite pieces has to be the Cheek to Chic, Swish and Pop Blush.  The idea behind these is something genius, the results spectacular, and the colour, just delectable.  

There are two items of makeup which make me particularly excited, lipstick and blushers and Love Glow has just added fuel to my already burning fire.

Let’s first just take a minute to appreciate the name, Swish and Pop Blush, genius!  Quite frankly you do as the name says, swish your brush around the outside colour for use on your cheekbones and then use the inner colour to add that ‘pop’ to the apples of your cheeks.  A new application process I have to admit, but it just makes makeup that bit more fun!

Enclosed in a beautiful oval brown case, an oyster shell containing it's pearl, is ‘Love Blush’, a stunning two toned pink blusher.

One of my favourite points about this blusher is it’s subtle shimmer, like fairy dust carefully positioned on your cheeks.  Forget highlighters when you use Love Blush, this does the trick single handily, please insert your round of applause here...  

The pigmentation of this blusher is somewhat out of this world, you need the smallest amount on your brush for it to give your cheeks that young-love blush effect.

(Left: Mixed, Middle: Inner, Right: Outer - no flash)

(Left: Mixed, Middle: Inner, Right: Outer - with flash)

The longevity of this is astonishing, like no other blusher I have tried.  Even with no touchups, this can easily last a full day, being from 7am to 7pm, no problem at all.  This may be down to it’s magical formulation.  The blusher itself is incredibly silky, soft and light, even on your skin you won’t feel like something has been piled on to get a stunning young-love glow.  

Overall, Love Glow has been my favourite blusher from the moment it arrived in 2013 and I can happily say it still is now.  You have to get used to swishing your brushes around the two circles for application, however, this is something you easily get to grips with and soon find yourself doing without thinking.  

Although at £30, this is on the pricier end of blushes, you do get 8g of product and I knew that Charlotte’s collection wouldn’t disappoint.  This it did not, in fact it left me with young loves dream tinted cheeks.  

If you want to try this out yourselves it is available on the Charlotte Tilbury website, Selfridges website and from Net-a-porter where there are 6 delicious shades to pick from.


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