Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Chanel : Melodieuse Rouge Allure Lipstick \ Swatch and Review

Another addition to Chanel's recent SS14 line is the incredible vibrant coral Rouge Allure lipstick, Melodieuse.

This is definitely one of the essential shades for this Spring/Summer, instantly brightening up any outfit, it's a keeper!
Once you have got over the classic Chanel packaging, a glossy back shell, which conceals an electrifying gold applicator and the vibrant colour, you next begin to think about the application.

At first you may be taken aback by how vibrant the colour is, alas, all fears are flown out of the window when you actually apply this.  Despite being highly pigmented, it applies as a beautiful, sultry pink coral.  

The Rouge Allure lipsticks have that extra bit of moisture hidden away which means application is effortless with the lipstick transferring extremely easily.  There's no pulling or dragging across the lips, just a simple swipe.

As with all lipsticks it is very difficult for it to hold all day, and I found this to last roughly 4-5 hours.  I also found that when fading, this doesn't necessarily mean the colour is completely stripped from your lips.  Instead there is the residue which leaves your lips looking as through they have a stain on them!

If you fancy trying this summery, warm coral lipstick then head on over to the Selfridges website where it is available for £25.



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