Monday, 27 January 2014

Revlon Colorbust, Lacquer Balms : The road test

Revlon's Colorburst, Lacquer Balms are about to get the tried and tested, review and swatch test.  Carrying on from my previous post on the Revlon Matte Balms, I continued my 3 for 2 on Revlon products with their new Lacquer Balms.  The shades which happened to land in my basket were, Whimsical (115), Provocateur (135) and Demure (105).

I have been a fan of crayon lipsticks ever since Clinqué released their Chubby Sticks so the fact that these have a bit of extra sparkle in them for only £7.99 each was more than enough to tempt me!  My local boots only held 5 of the 10 available shades so I picked 3 which I'm sure will be extremely well used!

First of all there is no point in comparing these to the Matte Balms as they are completely different, the obvious thing that 10 shades are shiny and the other 10 are matte!

Each Lacquer Balm has a sneaky hint of glitter, the reason why they have the gorgeous glossy finish.

From left to right we have Demure, Provocateur and Whimsical which you can see are all extremely glossy and highly pigmented.  Each of the 3 I purchased only require a light application to achieve a colourful lip, however, you can build the colour without it gathering, clumping or looking too heavy.  All are creamy upon application providing extra moisture to your lips on, another reason why these are just wonderful!

Demure is a creamy, princess pink colour with a discreet amount of glitter in it.  This is the sheerest of the 3 which I purchased is perfect for a subtle day look or for when a strong eye is the focal makeup point.

Provocateur is a beautiful rosy blue toned red shade hiding glitter particles.  When caught by the light, the glitter comes to life, revealing the ultimate red lip.  This red would suit all skin tones and if you want to tone down the pigmentation, use the crayon very lightly and mix it with your favourite lip balm.

Whimsical is more of a purple, pink toned lip crayon which I cannot wait to start wearing!  This crayon looks as though it holds more glitter than the other two, however, with the shade it simply just shows up more in the stick.  This colour would look wonderful with a smokey or simple eye for a night out or a toned down version for daytime wear.

These lip crayons are fairly creamy which add to the finished shine and provide added moisture to your lips whilst on.  Personally, before I use lipstick with a shine I tend to place a tiny bit of lip balm at the beginning of makeup regime so they are a tincy bit moisturised before application.

The staying power of these is pretty long too, they lasted me about 5 hours before requiring a touchup, remember though they aren't stains so again, drinks or food may reduce the longevity.  If you don't want to add extra colour, you could always just mix what is left on your lips with your favourite lip balm, this is what I do whilst at work.  Even the packaging is magical and glossy, a reflecting tube in the shade of the lip lacquer, incredibly girly and something which will really stand out in any girls handbag!

Overall, I absolutely love these Revlon Lacquer Balms and will definitely be experimenting more with other colours!

These are available at Boots now with a 3 for 2 offer across all Revlon products and become available in Superdrug on February 18th.


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