Sunday, 26 January 2014

Revlon ColorBurst, Matte Balms: Tried and tested

Revlon have finally put us out of our misery and released their 10 matte and 10 lacquer ColorBurst balms in Boots (February 18th in Superdrug) at a retail cost of £7.99 each .  Having already read and watched multiple review videos about the new beauty must-have, it was time to bring some to my makeup collection, 3 matte balms and 3 lacquer balms ended up in my hands.

This post is reviewing the matte-balms which were the items that first caught my eyes.  Although my local Boots didn't have the full selection they still had some which were more than tempting and ended up in my hands.  Introducing Audacious (245) a warm orange tone, Striking (240)  a deep kissed red and Elusive (205) a light pink shade.

In store I swatched these gems and fell instantly in love with Striking and Elusive, whilst Audacious was more of a daring choice for me.  I own one other orange lipstick and it doesn't get warn a lot, but this, well there was something about it which had me hooked before even wearing it.

I had planned to show you what these look like actually on, however, at the moment my lips are suffering from winter and are currently drowning in Carmex.  Instead here are some of the famous arm swatches!

Audacious is such a warm yet bright orange tone, which I think would flatter most skin tones.  The pigmentation is incredible, one swipe across your lips and they are instantly transformed, leaving a gorgeous orange sun kissed look.  This one I can give you a sneak peak at as I wore it yesterday to put it to the test ...

Elusive is the more nude shade out of the three I purchased, leaving a rich baby pink effect swooped across your lips.  Again, the pigmentation did not let the product down, a couple of swipes is all that you need, I think I'm safe in saying that these should last a long time for the amount you actually apply.

Striking was the first matte balm I picked up, red lipsticks and me seem to have a mahoosive love affair, I cannot get enough of them!  The pigmentation of this red is more of a blue toned red, bold, quite literally striking and incredibly rich.  To work?  This isn't a red I would wear to work, however I would wear it on the weekends/evenings.  Application?  You only do need one tiny swipe of this and the colour instantly sticks to your lips!

All of these balms are incredibly rich and creamy when applied but mattify in front of your eyes.  Staying power?  You need to remember they are only balms and not stains, they do wear off after about 4-5 hours, obviously food and drinks are going to decrease the time they are bound to your lips.  However, this is like most lipsticks and the answer is that which doesn't require a lot of effort, simply top it up!  The product doesn't build, unless of course you're lips are suffering through these cold months.

This brings me on to my final point with the matte balms, it is important to only use these on winter recovered, summer prepped lips.  Chapped lips and matte balms are not pleasing to the eye as the product builds and clings to repairing areas.

Overall, I absolutely love the Revlon Colorburst, Matte Balms, their pigmentation is incredibly strong for a crayon lipstick, their texture is incredibly light on the lip, the packaging is simple yet effective, and the staying power isn't bad at all for a matte lipstick, I personally think they last pretty darn well.  Boots, I'm coming for you to get some more shades!

In Boots at the moment all Revlon products are on 3 for 2 so go and get your mitts on some whilst this offer lasts!


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