Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ciaté : Mini Mani Month, Day 1

It is December!!!! As with 2013 I treated myself to a special and magical advent calendar, the Mini Mani Month advent calendar from Ciaté (still available now from the Ciaté website). At £48, I do think these are a real barry-ar-gain. Containing 24 5ml mini polishes including solid colours, glitters, sequins and caviar beads, and this year a full size polish (13.5ml) this is a must have for all nail lovers!  I still have my 24 bottles from 2013 and use them on a very regular basis; they last forever! 

Each day, behind each little window is a sample sized pot of polish or a nail surprise such as a glitter, bead pot along with a cute message printed on the inside of each door.  On the back of the advent calendar there is a list of which polishes surprise you, however I've tried very hard not to look so it really is going to be a 'wow' moment each day! 

Behind number 1 was 'Snow Globe'. This is a beautiful glitter polish, with large imitation snowflake looking strands magically hidden inside.   

You do need a base coat underneath this to do Snow Globe justice so today I chose Stiletto (PP055) also by Ciaté.  

I chose Stiletto purely because we are in December, that Christmas spirit has well and truly arrived!  The green heavily compliments all the strands in Snow Globe, I cannot wait to wear this combination more than once throughout the festive holidays. 

Ciaté have already placed themselves on a pediatal after day one so I cannot wait to see what remains behind the remaining 23 doors! 

If you've got your mini mani month I would love to know as we go along your favourite window ...


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