Sunday, 15 December 2013

Charlotte Tilbury: Bar Of Gold, review

Charlotte Tilbury finally released her magical makeup collection to many awaiting beauty lovers this year and it is already beginning to take the world by storm.  The collection comprises of face care products, face makeup, lip makeup, eye makeup and all the tools needed to create the masterpiece itself.  I may have already purchased various items from this collection but today it is all about the beautifully delicate Bar Of Gold'.

Having read a lot about the Charlotte Tilbury range, I saw the beautiful stand in Selfridges quite literally jump out to me.  Whilst my mind was telling me, 'do you really need any more makeup Elaine?' my willpower was extremely weak, and in this instance, it was a flipping good job!  Instantly I was drawn to a wonderfully packaged eye catching gold bar, getting a little closer I realised it was a stunning highlighter.

This highlighter really is one of the best I have ever tried, leaving you with that desirable candlelit effect.  It is incredibly easy to apply, simply using a small brush (I use my Real Techniques contour brush), lightly glide the bristles across the bar and sweep on to your cheekbones.

That finished look will be something truly spectacular.  For the daytime I would only use a tiny sweep, however, in the evening, this highligher gives your features that ultimate candlelit effect.  The bar of gold is made from such a light formulation that it simply feels like gold dust is being swept across various parts of your face.

Some people get confused where to apply highlighter, well confuse yourselves no more because here is the ultimate Tilbury guide and with this gold bar, be prepared to see yourself dazzle!

• Dust Bar-Of-Gold onto your cheekbones. When applying, focus on the C-shape that hugs the eye area, right up to the temples.
• Brush delicately down the centre of your nose, concentrating on the bridge. The reflective super-fine golden pearls will slim and sculpt too!
• Make sure you carefully blend the product, so it doesn't collect on the tip of your nose
• Apply sparingly to the cupid’s bow of the mouth, and then gently blend.
• Apply a golden veil of light to your shoulders, down the centre of the arms, and across the d├ęcolletage for added luminescence.

I really was amazed with this product and am in love with the finish it provides: a light, flawless shimmer, perfect for any occasion.  Makeup is something I am willing to spend a little bit more money on, after all,  it is something you use near enough everyday on your face.  Charlotte's bar of gold comes in at £30 from The Charlotte Tilbury website, but don't be put off by the price because you'll be blown away with this product the minute your fingers land on it!  Although the highlighter feels incredibly light on your skin, you really don't need to use a lot of this product at all, I can see this lasting a very long time and already I know it is a fantastic investment for anyone's makeup bag.

My Charlotte Tilbury purchases don't just end here, in my next few posts I shall be taking you through a few eyeshadow palettes, full fat lashes mascara, and I have fallen that much in love with this line that I was a bit naughty and purchased 'The Vinetage Collector's Edition' makeup collection, so stay peeled for a sneak peak of the goodies inside that!

Overall, if you have been looking high and low for that perfect highlighter, then look no further as it is going to take an awful lot to trump the Bar Of Gold from the magnificent Charlotte Tilbury!

Elaine xo

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