Saturday, 30 November 2013

Chanel, Illusion D'Ombre, Winter 2013 Collection - Review and Swatches

Chanel have released their Winter 2013 makeup collection which features some stunning items.  It was one of those days, you go in for a lipstick and return with 4 items... All of which are from this new collection.  In this post I shall review their Illusion D'Ombre, long wear luminous eyeshadows in the shades Fatal and Initiation.

Personally, I am a huge fan of these eyeshadows and have quite a collection.  Why you may ask?  Simple. These shadows have been created by Chanel with the tag line of being 'long wear luminous eyeshadows', and that is quite frankly what they are.  Even without an eyeshadow primer these will last from application in the morning to the end of the day, no creasing, just the perfect finish.  You can however still use a primer of your choice!

The shadows themselves are like no other I have come across, from the packaging to the finished product. Inside each individual box contains a pot of colour and a brush designed for application.  Open the lids and you are greeted with perfectly domed creme puffs, each with their own little sparkle.

Chanel, Fatal : A stunning and rich Christmas cranberry/plum colour with a discreet silver shimmer.  At first I thought this would be far too dark for my skin tone, however I was incredibly surprised. Although being strongly pigmented the colour is extremely easy to wear during the day and at night.

Chanel, Initiation : A golden brown ready to make you sparkle throughout the festive period.  Initiation has a stronger shimmer running through it compared to Fatal, which with a simple makeup look would beautifully illuminate your eyes.

Fatal (top), Initiation (bottom)

Initiation (left), Fatal (right) 

Application of these is incredibly easy, as with all Illusion D'Ombre shadows, you can use the brush provided, however I have found using your finger is more effective.  I have found that using your finger and pressing the creme on to your lids reveals the best result.  Each colour is highly pigmented and keeps its colour, therefore by pressing it on to the lids you only compliment what Chanel has created.

Don't let the phrase 'strongly pigmented' put you off for using these during the day either.  You simply glide it across the lid rather than using the pressing motion.  If you are making a swift transition from morning to night or are getting ready for a night out, the fantastic thing about these is that you can easily build the colour by pressing more on your lids.

With a brush in the box this is great if you don't want to use the shadow as a shadow, but instead as a liner. The slanted angle enables you to get the perfect line just as you would with a pencil.

An extra perk of these cremes is that you don't just have to stop with them being an eyeshadow, you can also use them as a highlighter and a body shimmer across your decolletage.  In the case of these two shadows, Initiation mixed in with your moisturiser and rubbed across your decolletage will do the perfect job of adding that extra sparkle.

Initiation and Fatal are the perfect long lasting eye shadows for this Winter, perfect for any occasion, I cannot wait to start wearing them!

I'll be posting another post shortly with other items from the Chanel Winter 2013 collection, so keep your eyes peeled ...


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