Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ciaté : Haul (Talent Scount)

Hello you beauties,

It's a rainy Saturday morning so I see no other way to spend my time than with a lovely cup of tea, sat on my bed, getting my fingers used to typing on this blog again.

The first post in a very long time leads me to chat to you about my recent Ciaté haul.  If you haven't guessed by my previous posts, Ciaté is one of my all time favourite nail polish brands.  Not heard or tried them?  I suggest you do and sooner rather than later!  Not only are they constantly bring out new 'WOW kits' such as neon nails, caviar manicures and feather effects, they also have a huge range of colours, glitters, nail care and nail preparation products.

Recently Ciaté had a half price sale online so I definitely made the most of this and got a few sneaky polishes for only £4.50 each!

From left to right we have:

+ Maybe baby
+ Access all areas
+ Boudoir
+ Stiletto
+ Talent scout

So far I have ventured out on to Stiletto and Talent Scout, however I completely forgot to take a picture of them!  When this next beauty appears on my nails (very soon) I'll capture it again. The purple pigmentation is absolutely beautiful, it is extremely bold and glossy with only 2 coats!

For the moment though, I am wearing Talent Scout.  The boldness may put some people off as it looks like a moss green, don't let this stop you!  I haven't had a green polish before which is as striking and beautiful before.  No matter which way the light captures your nails, the shine, the depth of the colour doesn't change.  This colour is perfect for the autumn/fall and I can see this colour going with a lot of items in my wardrobe!

I'll be working my way through these colours so keep your eyes posted for swatches of the other shades I purchased.

Have a lovely day y'all!


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