Monday, 1 April 2013

Azature: Azature Red Diamond

Happy Easter chickens!!

I hope that you're all having an eggscellent long weekend and eating lots of chocolate?!  It is fair to say my Lindt white chocolate bunny hit a tunnel which within two seconds left it without an ear ...

Anyway, back to reason behind this post.  Easter, nails, beauty.

Good Friday and my family decided to head down to London for the afternoon which lead me to this stunning and glamorous purchase, Azature Red nail varnish.  You may have heard of Azature before, let the bells ring through your heads..!  Azature are the creators of the incredibly famous £160,000 267 carat Black Diamond nail polish!  Have no fear, this post is from their more affordable yet luxurious selection, Azature Red.  The absolutely breathtaking polish has been catching my eye from the very moment I saw it on the Selfridges website.  Seeing it face to bottle was no exception, it may as well have just jumped off the shelf and straight in to my hand!  That was how quick the bottle made it in to my basket!

At £17 these bottles aren't for your everyday use, however, for special occasions or if you just want to feel that bit more special, believe me, you will want to purchase this nail varnish!  You don't only have red to choose from though, you can select from a rainbow of colours - red, green, blue, yellow, champagne, pink and black.  It is simple to say there is a colour for every event or occasion.  Not only are the colours special, the polishes themselves each have hidden a black diamond in the bottle.

Red is my favourite colour, it oozes happiness and fun, so there was no reason as to why I shouldn't purchase this absolute gem.

At a first glance even in the cleverly crafted diamond shape bottle you feel special.  Grasping it in your hand and feeling automatically on top of the world!  Next comes the colour and the luxury of the ruby red which is about to grace your nails.  I felt like Dorothy was about to place her ruby red slippers on to my finger nails!  Pure luxury, sparkles and a gorgeous deep red colour, I just couldn't wait to try out this shiny gem.

Opening the bottle was just as exciting!  The colour was just as it appeared through the bottle, deep and bold whilst holding a naughty glittery shimmer.  The brush was perfect for the polish, not too thick and not too thin.  Believe me, every single aspect of this varnish design has been carefully crafted to provide customers with the ultimate nail experience.

It is always recommended that you apply a base coat when painting your nails to add a protection barrier, however, this is especially the case with this nail polish due to the nature of the red.  When dry, get ready to see your nails transform.  With one simple coat your nails are bursting with the ruby red colour and shining bright with a breathtaking red shimmer.  As much as I can attempt to describe the result to you, I really do think there aren't enough words to do it justice, so here goes my alternative!

The red is devine and this polish has become one of my ultimate polishes I would recommend to anyone!  There is no runny consistency when applying, the colour is just out of this world and the shimmer, oh my nails just feel as though luxury has been placed gracefully upon them!

To anyone and everyone who wants to feel so excited about a nail polish as I was with this beautiful creation by Azature then please go and give these a try!  They even dry with a ridiculously insane shine, you don't even need to add that top coat.  The only reason I did was to seal the edges, but if you don't want to then your nails aren't going to look dull in any way, shape or form with this badboy!

Shortly after I posted this picture to Instagram Azature gave me the ultimate compliment in reposting my image!  Within a few minutes of them posting people were already showing huge appreciation for their spectacular creation...

Thank you Azature for creating such a blissful and beautiful polish!  I cannot wait to try out some more of these gems :).

Shine bright everyone,

Hugs and Kisses,


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