Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Harlem Shake time ...

Happy Wednesday evening you lovely gems,

This post is a bit different to anything else, this is all about the Harlem crazy Shake!

I thought I would have a random post now about something I hope you have all heard of, the Harlem Shake.  This is a craze which seems to have swept across the world!  

And so the time came, everyone had a rather busy week at work and we all needed a pick-me-up.  Can you think of a better idea than a HARLEM SHAKE babaaayy?!  

If you haven't already created your own, I would recommend doing so, they are SO much fun!!  From who wears the helmet at the beginning, to the outfit you're going to wear and the cray dance moves which you are going to pull out the bag.  One thing's for sure, this is one hilare experience you won't forget in a rush ...

So here we have it, some behind the scenes images and the final video ... enjoy you cray peeps!!

And now for the main attraction ... 

If you have any personal favourite Harlem Shakes then I would absolutely to love to see them below!!  

Have a wonderful week!  We are nearly there at the weekend :)!




  1. We did one at work! We had to sneak around to find a room where no one would see lol Its a minute long video but took about 30 minutes to get everything together. It was definitely fun though :)

  2. check out my blog & follow if you like :)




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