Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ciaté : Big Yellow Taxi

I was in a dilemma, as we all are when the question 'what colour do I paint my nails now...?!'  If I am completely honest this colour made me extremely nervy but at the same time wild and cray rebelious!  What colour you may ask?  The answer, Big Yellow Taxi by Ciaté.  For those of you who also can imagine feeling like I did, this colour is just the ticket so give it a go!

Big Yellow Taxi is available from the Ciaté website (click here), for a cracking £9 a bottle.  Unfortunately at the moment (and today is 03.03.2013) this polish is out of stock, BUT, don't go mental just yet because you can sign up to the waiting list.  This means that when the colour comes back in stock you shall have a wonderful email letting you know that this magical bottle of sunshine is back in stock.  I managed to get this sneaky gem in my Mini Mani Month which Ciaté produced as an advent calendar in December 2012.

At a first glance this nail varnish reads excitement, bravery, creativity and fun!  Other words which may also spring in to your mind are 'oh my days!'  Just forget these second thoughts and put on some wellies (?!) and grab that big yellow taxi!

When you open the colourful and beautiful little Ciaté bottle up you shall be greeted with, yes, the brush coated like honey in a vibrant yellow polish.  Wipe on any excess and begin to paint your nails.

You do have to have a bit of patience with this colour, it is a bit like painting your nails white.  Make sure each nail is 110% dry before painting on the next - this will help avoid streaking etc.  I can suggest leaving a good 5-10 minutes to ensure that the underside of the varnish is dry too (this will avoid being touch-dry only).

As the polish begins to dry your nails come to life in more way than one!  They look extravagant, eye catching and exciting.  All those daunting thoughts of whether or not this is the right polish to use are a distant memory and are replaced with 'why on earth haven't I used this before? thoughts!

Overall I used two coats of Big Yellow Taxi to achieve some show stopping nails.  Take a glance at the image below and you shall see the boomtastic nails!  It also gives away a sneaky snapshot of the matte coat which I used to complete my look (this wasn't on my nails for this picture).

As already mentioned I gave the finish away ... silly Elaine!  I decided to add a top coat using my Mattnificent by Ciaté (available here for £11).  

Overall I was incredibly impressed with this finish of Big Yellow Taxi.  In fact between you and I, I felt rather rebellious and cray wearing it...  This isn't a nail polish for the faint hearted, but let's be honest now, we all have our wild sides, so go on, let loose!

I hope that you have all had a fabulous weekend and remember, let your wild side out :).




  1. who knew taxi yellow could be so gorgeous?

    1. Hello Steph!!

      I know right? It actually surprised me I'm not going to tell any porkies! Definitely am converted though .. xo

  2. I want that yellow nail polish! Looks amazing :) x

    1. Hiiiii Natalia!

      Oh you really should get this one, slightly biased but really it's amazing :). Thank youuuu! xo

  3. OMG, I'm so jealous of your beautiful, healthy and very neat nails, Elaine;-))) Can you possibly do a post on how you keep them that way?:-)

    1. Helloooo Maria!

      Thank you very for that lovely message missy :). Of course, I'll put it on my to do list for blog posts, keep your eye out for the sneaky appearance :) xo



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