Saturday, 2 March 2013

Butter London : Toff, Chimney Sweep and Slapper

Happy Saturday you beauties!

As you all know from my last post, I had a sneaky and somewhat naughty purchase from Butter London consisting of 3 nail varnishes - Toff, Chimney Sweep and Slapper.  It has now been a week and I have finally got a few spare minutes to share the results of these truly beautiful colours.

For those of you who haven't tried Butter London nail varnishes I cannot tell you enough how elegant, beautiful and unique they are.  There is such a large variety of colours to chose from that believe me, there is a colour for everyone!  Click here to be magically transported to their website where you can quite frankly stare at in ore ....

As soon as these arrived I was straight on with painting my nails with 'Toff', the vintage purple colour you can see above.  Painting your nails is something fun to do which should leave your nails looking sensational and you with that extra spring in your step.  This is exactly what Toff did to me!  I cannot begin to explain how pleased I was with this polish, but I shall try ..!   Butter London have provided a vintage purple colour to conform with almost any occasion which provides an effortless application for a sparkling finish.

Whilst painting my nails with this colour instantaneously you see an absolutely stunning colour appear.  The brush evenly applied the colour across each individual nail, it wasn't too runny or difficult to control.  In fact everything about this colour, the bottle and the application through to the finish was beautiful.  After two coats I was done and left with this result:

The best thing about this picture?  This is without a topcoat!!  Yes, there was no topcoat and I was left with this magnificent shine and sparkle.  You can only imagine the finished result with my chosen topcoat applied! Drying extremely quickly and not showing a sign of any chip for 5 days, this nail varnish is a colour will definitely be placed at the top of my nail varnish basket!  If you purchase this colour, I can guarantee that you too, won't be able to leave this alone.

With its 5 days up I was now desperate to try 'slapper' and 'chimney sweep'.  So here we go, it was painted straight on to my nails.  Again, there was no hastle, no mistakes, just pure enjoyment at my latest purchases! I decided to use these two nail colours to see the contrast of the two colours, the black with the beautiful bluey/green.

'Slapper' is the aqua blue colour and 'Chimney Sweep' is the black metalic polish.  I fell in love with these two colours as quick as you can say their names!  

Slapper appears as an almost vintage aqua colour which will be fabulours as we approach Summer.  It was one of my favourite polishes to apply.  Three words, effortless, simple, straight forward!  I think the picture really speaks for itself when it comes to this colour.  I was taken aback by the boldness and the overall finish.  When I researched this colour images I saw didn't do it justice or show the colour as intense and this is something I LOVED!  Slapper does what it says, slaps some flipping beauty on to your nails, which you would be silly not to try!

Chimney Sweep I found a bit more difficult to apply, I think more so because I decided to paint my nails rather late so was rushing (I was a sleepy bunny)...  Now don't get me wrong the result of this was somewhat stunning and unique.  I love how Butter London have managed to cooperate a light metalic shimmer in to a black polish.  The application process however, I can confirm that you require a bit of time to make sure each layer is completely dry inbetween your first and second coat - I was nothing other but impatient to see the result!  Saying this, two coats later and you can happily call Bob your uncle...the result was just stunning. I would highly recommend this polish to anyone looking for a black polish with a twist which will capture peoples attention.

To finish my nails off however I decided to apply a matte top coat, my favourite matte coat - Mattnificent by Ciaté (available here for £11 a bottle).  I don't think I shall ever get old of the matte finish upon nails and here we have it:

If you haven't tried a matte top coat, Mattnificent looks exquisite and works over any of your nail varnishes, not just those by Ciaté.

If you have any Butter London polishes which you love as much as I do these, please let me know below I would love to try some of your favourites :)!

Have a wonderful weekend you cheeky chipmunks,




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