Monday, 25 February 2013

Keep those brushes clean...

This post seemed highly appropriate for today seeing as how I started my day by making the schoolgirl error of getting shampoo in both eyes whilst washing my hair. In the words of Homer Simpson this was most definitely a DOH moment...!

Now for those of us who don't look like Blake Lively without makeup all have to apply that little bit of extra help each day. Whether you need to disguise a blemish or simply make yourself feel better, your brushes also need to be given that extra bit of TLC!

Now I've had these pictures for a few weeks now but have only had the chance to share my simplistic method to keeping this brushes clean.

It is extremely important to make the time on a day where you are chilling or before you go to work that you take 5 minutes to give your brushes a thorough clean. Think of all that make up getting 'caked' and sticking to each bristle, day after day, then reapplying fresh makeup with dirty brushes?! All that nasty bacteria gathering and partying on your brushes/sponges, then making their way on to your soft skin and settling down until being washed away by the sea that evening? YUCKY!

Here we have my make up utensils before the clean... As you can see I haven't attacked the sponge for a good few weeks...please excuse me... I try to give them a clean every week so read, set and GO!

What will you need you may ask? SIMPLES. You shall need your shampoo, a sink/bowl, warm water, kitchen roll and somewhere warm like a radiator or an airing cupboard.

Step nĂºmero uno: Get your brushes and shake your head in disgust at how dirty and grubby they are!

YUCKY!  Bad Elaine..!

My bronzer and foundation brushes are by Barbara Daly and I absolutely love them!  If you want a set of fantastic quality makeup brushes for a decent price, then be sure to check them outttt :).  The others are from my Chanel compressed face powder and Chanel bronzer - equally as marvellous.

Step 2: Fill either a sink or a bowl with warm water... Do you see where this is going..?!

Step 3: Give your warm water a squirt a bit if shampoo in to it.

Step 4: Swirl the shampoo and water until you see some bubbles!

Step 5: I started with my bronzing brush. These I usually find require a bit more work (as do foundation brushes) as the makeup manages to hide itself in to every nook and cranny! In these circumstances we require industrial cleaning aka a squirt of shampoo massaged directly on to the brush...

Step 6: Once the brush is massaged - not too hard - dip your brush in to the water and loosen any powder with your fingers. Gently rubbing your fingers through the bristles.

Step 7: Look back at Step 1 and think 'dayuuum these brushes are FILTHY!

Step 8: Get rid of this soapy water and rinse the brush with cold water to ensure all bubbles are eliminated and final bits of face paint (makeup) are removed.

Step 9: Plop your brush in between some kitchen roll and gently squeeze the water out as much as you can without damaging any bristles.

Step 10: I tend to leave my brushes somewhere warm to dry out completely, naturally without doing any damage. How? Place them in my airing cupboard and fetch them the next morning when I'm ready to get up and go go go for work!

Step 11: Repeat this process for each of your makeup utensils which require a deep cleanse.

Step 12: For those brushes/tools which aren't as tricky to clean such as bronzing brushes, face powder puffs it is completely up to you whether or not you add any extra shampoo. I generally just use the shampoo already mixed in with the water.

13: Get ready for the beautiful set of clean brushes to appear right before your eyes!

14. Just look below...even I was impressed with this deep cleanse I managed to rustle up!

Here they are - all roasty in the airing cupboard - having their own little sauna!

If you have any other top tips on how you clean your makeup brushes I would love to read about them below :)!

I hope your Monday has been as eventful as mine...! This has been one seriously craaaay day!




  1. Thanks for the info :) I dont have tips for cleaning but I do have tips for drying. I'll link the post I made about it if you want to check it out!

  2. Hello Nini!

    I'm definitely going to try your drying technique. Not only did it make me chuckle but it makes perfect sense!!

    Thank you :)! xo



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