Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easter Nails Eggstravaganza '13

With Easter fast approaching it is only fair that we cut straight to the chase with some cracking (sorry I couldn't resist...) nail designs. Some might even say eggcellent...!

First of all collect together some pastel polishes, instantly giving that Easter feeling, your nails will looks insane in a matter of moments.

I chose to use the beauties which are:

Ciaté - Loop the loop - available from the Ciaté website for £9 a bottle.  (Click here for a direct link)

Ciaté - Hoopla - available from the Ciaté website for £9 a bottle.  (
Click here for a direct link)

Ciaté - Cookies and Cream - available from the Ciaté 
website for £9.  (Click here for a direct link)

Ciaté - Speed Dial - available from the Ciaté website for £9
.  (Click here for a direct link)

Butter London - Toff - available from the Butter London website for £13
.  (Click here for a direct link)

Butter London - Fiver - available from the Butter London website for £13
.  (Click here for a direct link)

Illamasqua - Fragile - available from the Illamasqua website for £14.50
.  (Click here for a direct link)

White Nail Pen, Rio - available for £5.95 from the Rio website or purchase in a set of original colours for £24.99

Black Nail Pen, Rio - available for £5.95 from the Rio website or purchase in a set of original colours for £24.99

I absolutely adore all of these colours, the trickiest part was trying to decided which to paint on which nail! Once you have decided this though, get to work on painting your nails with your chosen base coat. My current base coat is A&E Base Coat by Nails Inc, available for £12 from their website. This base coat is fantastic for protecting your nails and nourishing them whilst they are painted - I love it!

When this is dry, the fun can begin. Let the eggs-traordinary fun begin..!

I chose to use Loop the Loop, Hoopla, Cookies and Cream, Fiver and Fragile as my base colours to work on.

Each of these only needed a whole two coats and the results were brilliant! They were all incredibly striking, yet subtle and beautiful.

Next comes the artwork which will transform your nails from pastels to Easter funtimes.


On my thumb I decided to create dots using the colours used as bases on the other

nails. For example I used Hoopla, Loop the Loop and Cookies and Cream for the dots. To get the perfect dots I can also highly recommend purchasing some 'Cheeky' dotting tools. These were a recent purchase of mine and are absolutely insane! Really, you get 5 tools each with a different dotting size on each end, yes each end! For £4.99 you really cannot escape this bargain - check out Amazon for these naughty boys. 

Do not stress though if you don't have these dotting tools, grab the end of a hair pin or a cocktail stick and get to work making your circles - they look just as fantastic for a fraction of the cost!

Second Finger

This finger was the bunny rabbit time!  Don't be scared, it really is pretty darn simples... would I tell porkies to you?  Noooope :).

Firstly take your white nail polish (or nail art pen) and create a large white oval towards the tip of your nail.  This will form the bunny rabbit head.

Then take the pen or dip a cocktail stick/hair pin in to the white polish and create two ears.  To do this, with your choice of nail tool draw two slim ovals which begin at the top of the bunny rabbit head.  This piccie should help to explain the procedure.

If you are using a hair pin or a cocktail stick, to create a smooth ark then simply create little dots  and take your time.  Don't rush this part as you want smooth lines.

For the eyes use your black paint and for your ears take a simple pinky colour.  I used Hoopla again for this.  The ears just need a small oval in them to mirror those of a rabbit :).

See, it really is simple isn't it?!  Get ready to impress your friends!  The beauty of this simple design is that is really is no fuss to replicate it on to your alternative hand.

Third Finger

This finger calls for some feathers, the quickest most simple design of the whole hand!

For the feather you can either use your nail striper from your nail art pen or use a cocktail stick/hair pin. 

You need to firstly figure where you would like your feathers to begin.  As you can see, I chose to do opposite sides of my nail.  Next create one single line on your nail where the feathers themselves will come our of.  Then simply using short strokes create the feathers themselves, starting with each stroke from the centre line.  Repeat this for the two feathers on each hand :).

Fourth Finger

Here comes the crackalacking nail...the eggcellent nail, the easter chick!

With your base colour of a pale yellow all you need for this is a white, yellow, black and orange :).

For the shell, I used a striper, but grab your preferred nail tool and get to work on creating a cracked shell.    I found the easiest way to create this is to first of all draw the zigzag line and then fill shell in with the white polish.

Next, take your black nail polish and draw two black dots for the eyes with two small white dots in the middle.

The nose - a simple orange triange and BOOM.  There you have the cracking Easter design ready to amaze people with!  See, these really are the most simple Easter Nails anyone can do ...even me!

Baby Finger

This finger was first of all painted in two coats of Fragile.  I absolutely LOVE this polish and cannot wait to try some more from their range!  In a pale light blue with navy pieces of glitter it looks effortlessly stunning and due to the colour had to be used in this design!

For the flower design I used a stencil which my parents got from a chemist in Vegas, and filled it in with Toff (Butter London).  

BUTTT, this is your challenge from me.  Create your own floral design and show me below.  I would absolutely love to see your floral designs :).

So what are you waiting for?!  Have an eggsplosive Easter beauts and get working on those designs :)!

Take care...



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