Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter Essentials

So, this post may be a long time coming but here in the UK it is definitely full of snow!!  Before we get to the nitty gritty let me introduce to you my doggie, Rockie.  When the snow came this year, it was like he went back in time 10 years to being a little puppy seeing snow for the first time, he was so cute!!

Right, must concentrate or else this whole blog shall be about Rocks, where we we?  Yes, winter essentials. With all this snow and cold weather it is fair to say our skin all needs that extra helping hand to stay nourished and fresh.  What we don't want to be is a banana, peeling or some coconut flakes, we want our body to be beautiful and ready to flaunt!

Here we have it, my now not so secret tips to help your body...

From left to right we have:  
L'oréal Professional Mythic Oil
Nails Inc A & E Base Coat
Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter
Carmex Lip Pot Origianal
Marc Jacobs Dot
Cath Kidston Bluebell Handcream

If you haven't already, then check out my full post on L'oréal Professional Mythic Oil.  If you haven't, here is a real quick refresh.  This oil enriches your hair with avocado oil and grape seed oil leaving your hair silky soft and ready to see this cold weather.  It is extremely simple to apply, simply pump 1 or 2 squirts in to your hand depending on your hair type, simply comb your fingers through your hair and dry as usual.  Once dry, get one more pump in your hand rub rub through  the ends and bottom area of your hair.  You will know when it is all off your hands, quite simply because you won't feel anything on your hands, no residue, no nothing.  Honestly, you will love it!!

From hair to nails...Nails Inc A & E Base Coat offers a fantastic nail remedy.  I don't know about you, but in the winter my nails tend to go a bit more dry and this provides a fantastic solution.  A treatment for dry and damaged nails from Nails Inc.  What more could you ask for?!  Although in the bottle the varnish looks a bit milky, it comes out on your nails clear and shiny.  Before you apply, make sure there is no remaining nail varnish anywhere on your pretty little nails, give them a rinse under some water and dry them off.  When all water residue is removed simply paint on to your nails as you would with any other nail varnish and leave to dry.  This is a produce you won't be disappointed with and really does help to revive your nails from that winter chill.

Next we have the body care.  I cannot get enough of the Body Shop Body Butters, whether it is summer or winter.  Throughout the year these are my body moisturising must haves!  The body butters cover your skin in a light bit of heaven which soothes and smells absolutely fantastic.  These aren't butters which mean you can't get dressed straight away after, if applying in the morning simply rub in to the skin and you can throw on your outfit straight away.  I do recommend using this product twice a day, first thing in the morning and just before you catch some zzzz's in the evening.  If applied in the morning it acts as a natural perfume too, I have found the need not to wear perfume some days as I love the smell of the body butters against my skin.  The favourites to date are Blueberry, Moringa, Vanilla Bliss, coca body butter and shea body butter.  The smells are absolutely delicious, the creams are silky soft, they're perfect!  
My skin is constantly being given that extra helping hand from the Body Shop with the Body Butters, they are quite frankly a must have AND at the moment some of them are reduced in cost so check out their website to get yours now :).  

In conjunction with the Body Shop Body Butters I also use their Body Scrubs, however, I recently finished mine up so have no pot to take a snapshot of you all.  These are absolutely fantastic, again, with their smells and their results.  When used in the shower simply use your hands and run in a circular motion on to your skin.  This will help to release any of the dead skin which may be sneaking around as a result from the cold weather.  When you have rinsed it off and stepped out the shower you will instantly notice your skin everywhere feels revitalised, healthy and fresh. The perfect way to finish this off, is to apply some of the Body Butters .. go on, you know you want to!

Carmex, Carmex, Carmex.  Carmex has been a staple in my handbag and beauty regime for the past 6 years at least.  It is a cheap steal at which lasts forever, honestly, it doesn't run out for a very long time, and is available from most places like Boots, Superdrug and even supermarkets for £2.69 a pot.  As soon as your lips feel dry and chapped, apply some of this miracle lip balm and wait.  This keeps your lips nourished for an extremely long time throughout the day and the results are insane!  I tend to use this lip balm throughout the day and after just under a week my lips are completely restored ready for that lipstick!  When I first heard about Carmex I thought it was too good to be true, there are no porky pies in it.  This is absolutely the truth, your lips won't have seen anything or felt anything which can work miracles more than this!

An absolutely fabulous fragrance which is most definitely a staple in my drawer is Dot by Marc Jacobs  I really cannot gush enough this fabulous scent, no really I can't.  If there was a way of allowing you to smell a sample of it I had, believe me, I'm not selfish, you would be smelling it all the time!!  Offering a floral scent of jasmine, coconut water and beautiful orange blossom you can only begin to image the overall smell.  A hint of red berries, scrummy dragonfruit, sweet honeysuckle, vanilla - YUM.  Dot is just amazing.  The combination of all the ingredients work wonders on your skin and leave a subtle smell which could be used all year round, which when used, lasts all day.  This is available from most perfume sections of department stores or perfume shops.  50ml will set you back £47 and 100ml costs £63.00 - it isn't the cheapest of perfumes but lasts a very long time and only requires a couple of squirts to cover your whole body.  Really, this scent is again, YUMMM.

Finally, we have a Bluebell handcream by Cath Kidston which costs £8 and is available from the Cath Kidston website.  I only recently began using this hand cream as it was a gift from my lovely friend and really, why oh why haven't I used this sooner?  It leaves your hands feeling seriously beautiful.  Silky soft, constantly moisturised and smelling like bluebells!  I have to say before using this I was using a simple vaseline hand cream and nail (Boots, £2.69) which I absolutely adore and thought it would be a tough call to beat but HELLOO there Cath Kidston!! You have absolutely, most definitely managed to come in level with vaseline.  Really, my hands have been incredibly soft and not dry at all since using this cream.  They don't feel greasy after you've finished massaging it in to your hands at all, you can crack on with whatever you were doing straight away!  

So there you have it, my not so secret winter survival kit!  I really hope this helps anyone who also has their body attacked by this wintery cold and chilly weather.  If there is anything you think really helps fight the dry bug then I would love to hear about it below :).

Enjoy this snow you crazycats!

Snowman hugs,


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