Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Volume and Curls

In the words of Nelly Furtado 'the bigger the better, the bigger the better, the bigger the better, the better the bigger...!'  This is a phrase which I do follow when it comes to curling my hair.

As I mentioned in my previous blog on L'oréal Professional Mythic Oil I have thick yet fine hair.  This is an added bonus for getting big hair, but have no fear, there are plenty of tips and tricks we shall use to add sneakily add some volume in to your hair.

Let's start off with the tools we need to get this hair going.

We have one big hair grip for sectioning out the hair - you may not need this if your hair is thinner but for those with thicker hair this is essential!  

L'oréal Elnet Satin UV Filer Hairspray - extra strength and enhanced radiance.  This image in the picture is for coloured hair as I have some blonde and brown tones in my hair.

And Mark Hill Sexy Waves & Curls Pro-Magic Hair Wand - these are priced at £54.99 and are available from Boots.  I managed to get mine in the sale when a friend recommended them to me, so as they are rather pricey it may be worth waiting until they are next on offer.  

The hair wand comes with a rather long cable, which is definitely helpful.  Some appliances nowadays come with wires which only just reach your plug socket, not with Mark Hill Sexy Waves & Curls Pro-Magic Hair Wand.  Nah-haa.  You have more than enough space to get the cable wrapped around your legs and reach your mirror!

Would I tell porkies to you?  See, the cable is definitely long enough!

Next let's get to the curling - boomtingaling...!  If you have thinner hair you won't need to layer your hair, however if you have thicker hair it is highly recommended that you use layers to get the volume.  In my case, I do my hair in 4 separate layers and this only takes me a whole 20 minutes.

Firstly, when you turn on your wand you are greeted with a flashing box, simply press the + button to reach your desired temperature.  I know this might be bad for your hair, but I don't do this every day, not even every week, so I wack it straight up to the maximum 200 degrees and my hair around it for less time.

It is quite simple, the bigger the section of hair gathered the bigger and looser the curl - this is the look we are aiming for.

On your first layer of hair or your top layer or hair, gather section number one.  Spray a light amount of hairspray around this layer, this will help the curl to hold but not look all crunchy.  We are looking to gather sections of hair about 1-2 inches long.  So go ahead, get your first section of hair and wrap it around the wand.  

Start with wrapping your hair around the fatter part of the wand and make sure not to wrap the hair right to the top of the wand.  We want to leave some gap between the curl and the root of the hair.  Don't worry the curls bounce in different directions either, this adds more volume and creates a beautiful finishing effect.

Once you have done this around the whole of the first layer or your only layer run your fingers through the curls to separate them a bit.  Next take your can of hairspray, preferable a strength holding one as shown in my piccie above and spray lightly around the hair.  You don't want to over spray your hair here otherwise your hair shall set alight if you were to even see a flame!!

If you are doing this for layers, then repeat this process on each layer.  When you get to your top layer hold the hair around the wand for a minimal amount of time.  This is your top layer and you don't want them to be too tight.  

Sometimes you might find, like me, that you've been distracted singing along to your favourite Beyonce or Rihanna song, and alas you have left the top layer wrapped up for too long.  Have no fear, here is my top tip which works every time.  Take some bobby pins and just lightly pin the front section of your hair on each side of your head back for about 15 minutes.  Do your makeup, grab a sandwich, just don't remove these pins after 2 mins otherwise this won't work as well!  

When the time has passed remove the pins, run your fingers through your hair, spray with hairspray and there you have it.  Your loud curls will have been tamed in to beautiful loose spirals.

If you want that extra bit of volume try backcombing the roots or my favourite trick.  Flip your head upside down, massage your roots using the hairspray already on your hair and flick back to reveal some fluffed up hair.  At this point if you want to add more spray to set your hair this your choice, but usually there is enough in place now without giving off that straw look.

Some people use rollers, some use curlers and then pin back their curls, but this method is yet to make me angry and consider trying another method.

Top Tips:

If your hair is thin, spray with a little dry shampoo and rub in to your roots and crown, this will help to add instant volume.

When drying your hair, tip upside down, and lightly fluff the hair whilst applying the heat from a hairdryer.

Once the curls are in place, gently back comb your under layers towards the root.

Run through your curls with your fingers.

Spray your hair with hairspray, tip your hair upside down and rub the roots and crown, this will help to set any last minute volume.

Go on, give it a try and make your hair look snazzy!

Take Care.




  1. your hair is gorgeous!! thanks for the tips!

    new follower :)


    1. Hiiii Jenna,

      Aww thank you, that's really lovely of you to say! If you've got any questions on any of it then let me know and I shall be happy to help :).

      I shall be sure to check out your blog too :)! Have a lovely weekend, X

  2. great tips, I love volume & your lipstick is to die for!

    just started following!


    1. Helloooo,

      Thank you very much for! If you check out my lipstick blog it is the Chanel, Rouge Coco, 21 - Rivoli :)!

      I'm just going to nip over and check your blog out .... x

  3. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

    I have super fine hair and dry shampoo does wonders!


  4. Great tips! Your hair looks amazing. I always use a curling wand too.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

    1. Thank you Adele :). Curling wands are fabulous aren't they?! They create that perfect curl in a matter of seconds, quite literally!

      Of course I will, I'll step on it now :). Thank you and you too, have a wonderful weekend miss x

  5. Wow that looks sooo good, I can never get that hair using my curling wand but this tutorial is so informative I will try it out x x


    1. Hiiii Catherine :)!

      Try not to hold the curl round the wand for too long. This will just make the curl tight, whereas hold it there for only a short time and the curls will bounce which will automatically add that extra bit of volume to your hair :)!




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