Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Wicked Saturday in London...

This entry is a little bit different to everything else I have posted so far, it is more of an insight in to my recent London trip, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my day :)!

Saturday 19th January 2013.  The day finally arrived...would we, wouldn't we?  That was the question.  The snow was so beautiful, covering everything in its path in a white fleece blanket.  Yet as it was so thick and fluffy it was stopping all travelling.  Would the snow have compacted enough for the trains to be running for both me and my bezzaa, Teasle (Sarah), to get to London for the day?  After both of us constantly checking for any train delays or cancellations BOOM the mission was on!!  The only problem now was getting to the train station itself.  Having attempted to drive home from work on Friday afternoon, being pushed up the road and not parking on the drive but my car gracefully landing pretty much in some bushes on the drive I thought this to be the start of an eventful day...!  Nevertheless I was kindly dropped off at the station.  Now living in the countryside with backroads to drive on to get to the station it was a slow journey.  But, after a bit longer than usual, we got there!  

So, why was I travelling to London and braving all aspects of weather?  Simples.  Teasle had got us tickets to go and see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria for my Birthday pressie, I know I know she's AMAZEBALLS!  I was SO excited it was ridiculous and woke up at 4:43am, like a child at Christmas!  I met Tease when we started uni in Wales and we've been fantastic friends ever since, however, as we live a way away we don't get to see each as often as we would like to, booooooo.  London was going to be a mahoosive giggle!  You should check out her fantastic blog here :).  Tease shall not only give you a sneaky snippet in to her life, but on fashion, health and fitness, she is alll over it!

Once arrived in London I managed to find my way around the train station, following the crowds of people heading towards a bright space and there I found Tease.  I was SO excited! We decided it was too cold to wonder around everywhere, it really was freezing, so there was 2 options, Selfridges or Harrods.  Harrods it was and we spent a fair few hours in there, getting lost in Harrods, wandering around all these beautifully displayed clothes, handbags and shoes, it was wonderful!  I say lost, we then discovered the toy section.  Yes yes the toy section where we stumbled across what can only be described as a sweet tooth heaven.  And who fell in to this sweet heaven, oh oh we did!!  Here is why...welcome to the candy land jackpot!!

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, oh my geesers we saw a wall full of mini chocolatey bites of beauty.  These, oh these were ours.  With the lovely assistant collecting our boxes, we managed to fill a box each in a matter of seconds...they are and were incredible!!

Now do you see what I mean?!  YUMMY!!!  Over half the box have gone already and there were about 15 choccies inside that box, NOM.

This is Teasle...

And this is me ...

Having wondered all of Harrods, being gripped to watching the little doggies having play fights we headed off to Fortnum and Mason for a spot of afternoon tea and ice cream.  I have to say, when visiting London, this is one of my favourite places for a mid afternoon break and refresh for the antics left to come in the day.  

Whilst Tease indulged in a minty bowl of heaven, I treated myself to a Knickerbocker Glory which was enough to make me melt - delicious!  After an hour of treats, drinking tea and having a good ole catch up we headed straight to the Apollo Theatre and then jumped in to a taxti headed to the Apollo Victoria for Wicked!!

Now really, if you haven't been to see Wicked, I would highly recommend it!!  What a show!  I absolutely love going to see musicals so was literally on the edge of my seat throughout the whole performance.  The singing, the acting, the stage and dancers, were all absolutely exquisite.  If you ever are in London and have a spare afternoon, really you have to see this, you won't be disappointed in any way.  In fact, I have a feeling you'll want to see it again and again, you'll be blown away by the wicked (excuse me) performance.  I knew some of the songs from hearing others sing them so was miming along, getting carried up in the story line, all emotional, it was beyond brilliant!!  Really, I could write a whole post on this alone!  And the lead playing Fiyero, oh he made the performance that little bit more interesting - he was gorgeous!

Having been completely blown away by the cast of Wicked with their fantastic display it was time to venture back to the Rainforest Cafe to get some tea times.  We had walked past this place earlier in the day, some childhood memories of being there came back to me but I couldn't remember exactly what it was like downstairs so we strolled back in.  Having being told there was a half an hour wait, to the pub it was across the road it was!  As time passed, far too quickly, we headed back to the Rainforest cafe to be greeted by our good ole friend, croc...

And then by a strawberry daiquiri each :).  We were glad for these!

The food was insanely good and filling!  I think by the end we were about to burst in to a million pieces...each!!  If you haven't been here before either, you must go!!!  The restaurant where you eat is downstairs and like a secret magical cavern.  There are huge stuffed toys hidden in the trees everywhere, a large fish tank full of exotic fishies and foliage to make you believe you are in a rainforest!

Now this part of the day was ridiculously busy!!  We had I think it was either 15 or 20 minutes to get from Oxford Circus to Euston Station.  Holy moly.  The underground was delayed and by this point we had about 10 minutes to complete the journey, find my platform, get a ticket and hitch the train home.  (I may sound like we know how to get around London on the underground but Tease has a magnificent app called Tube Maps ... saved us!)  Anways, running, quite literally up 2 sets of escalators, many platforms we finally got to the main area in Euston Station, found my train and I had to RUN like the wind.  So run like the wind I did, and having purchased my ticket, running to the train, as soon as I put my bags down the doors shut about 10 seconds later.  That couldn't have been more perfect timing!!

Ahhh we had so much fun and I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Tease for a blooming hilarious day!!

If you've been to see Wicked or any other musical and loved it as much as me, I would love to hear your stories below :).

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a wonderful week!  Cheers to you all,




  1. wow all those sweets look amazing! I love London I had my first trip there in september for a concert. Really enjoyed this post its good to break away from all things beauty now and again! new follower :)


    1. Hello Helen :),

      It really was a fantastic day!! Those sweets were so incredibly hard to resist, they were dreamy!

      Thank you for your lovely words too, I shall be heading over to check our your blog! Have a super weekend! X



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