Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ciaté : cookies and cream tried and tested

Having treated myself to the Ciaté mini mani month it feels only right to work my way through the polishes right?! So here we have it, my review of the delicious and mouth watering Cookies and Cream by Ciaté.

Firstly please remember this is a mini bottle, but the larger bottle is available from the Ciaté website and priced at £9 a bottle (13.5ml) with the shipping being an extra £5.95. Now although this shipping may seem expensive it doesn't increase no matter what you order so please go ahead and order LOTS of these absolutely beautiful polishes.

Now on to the lovely task of reviewing 'cookies and cream'. Take a step back and just look at the bottles of these polishes. Absolutely stunning! The bows, the shape, the style of the bottles, everything is perfectly designed to stand out from the crowd. It is these final touches which help make you do a double take, whether in store or online. The other reason you ask? Simple. The vast range of colours, shades and innovative ideas available. Seriously go and check them out here and see which shades you fancy ...!

This time round painting my nail I fancied a creamy nude colour which would easily cover my nails leaving a beautiful and natural finish. Cookies and cream by Ciaté definitely did the job and so much more.

I started by painting my natural nail with a base coat, for this I used Nails Inc A&E, available for £12 from the Nails Inc website. This helps to protect your natural nail whilst nourishing. Once dry, I managed to take my eye off the cute bow and apply the first layer. Here's a top tip when applying as this nail polish is very thing, don't apply pressure to the brush. This will only provide brush strokes all over your pretty nails, so apply little pressure and you will end up with the perfect manicure! 

When dry, gently apply your second coat of cookies and cream. Now you may find that two coats covers your nail (it most probably will), however I wanted to ensure this colour had been used properly so applied a third coat to seal the dealio. Finally apply your chosen top coat, again mine is a Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat, available for £12 from the Nails Inc website.

The mini brush applies polish with nothing but ease to your nails.  Simply gliding over your nails, your nail shall be coated in two or three strokes.  The bristles splay out to give you surprisingly large coverage from such a little brush!

I can honestly say that as an avid Ciaté fan this nail polish did not let me down and not will it you. The colour when dry I absolutely stunning, a nude colour with a slight beige tint to it. It is extremely easy to apply and once you hit the second coat, all brush stroke marks are removed! The look is silky, glossy and somewhat romantic.

Here we have it. The final result, see for yourself but I think the result is absolutely perfect ❤. I've already tried out multiple mini treats from my advent calendar and shall start all over again, just for you lovelies to check them out!

I can safely say that once this mini pot has been exhausted (it won't be long), I shall be purchasing the full sized bottle!!  Another plus on the Ciaté range is that the polishes themselves last on your nails for a good few days without signs of any sneaky chips, dents, nada - the perfect and complete finish.

Take care and have a wonderful evening (it's nearly Friday!)




  1. what a gorgeous nude nail polish ;D

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Hiiiiii Vicky 😄,

      Thank you very much! I definitely have to agree, the best and most beautiful nude polish I own!

      I shall be sure to check out your blog 😄!!

      Have a lovely day X

  2. Wow this looks lovely. I don't actually own a nude nail polish but I think I need to!
    Chloe xx

    1. Hey Chloe! Oh you really should give cookies and cream a go, it is seriously an addictive colour!! I hope you enjoy it as much as me :), have a wonderful weekend! X

  3. This looks lovely - I got some Ciaté nail caviar, but not any of their polish's - they seem a really good quality and a bit of a must! I love a nude polish if I have to have nothing on, there's nothing I hate more than having naked nails because I'm such a nail polish addict hehe You have a lovely blog sweetie! I'm def a new follower you'll have o check out my blog - and on twitter @Rachael_Haile

    1. Hello Rachael-Marie!

      Thank you for your lovely comment :). I have to say I am a tiny bit obsessed with the range which Ciaté offer. Their caviar polishes are stunning aren't they?! I would also recommend their sequin and velvet too - if you liked the caviar you'll love these other statement nails :).

      I shall be sure to go right ahead now and check out your blog and Twitter :). Have a super weekend missy!

      Elaine X



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