Friday, 25 January 2013

Ciaté : Mattnificent or Mattnifique?

Matte nail varnish has been a huge trend now in the nail world for a rather long time and I have finally jumped in to the pool!  Rather than rushing out to hit the latest trend I waited, and waited and waited since probably near the beginning of December for Mattnificent by Ciaté to come back in stock.  Finally, boomting my email came through giving me the absolutely delightful news and however sad this may sound, I was over the moon!!  So here we have it, my review on Mattnificent by Ciaté.

Mattnificent by Ciaté is on the available for £12 from the Ciaté website and please take my advice, get your orders in now whilst stocks last!  

I tell no lies, I was a bit nervous about using this, 'how does it feel when dry?  How long would this take to dry?  What will it look like after my nails have been wet or I've used hand cream?'  All these answers are below.

To trial this polish I thought it only right to use one of my Ciaté nail pots from my mini mani, so cabaret it was (this is currently out of stock on the Ciaté but have no fear as you can also sign up to 'join the waiting list' for when this comes back in stock) - highly recommended.

I began by adding my chosen base coat to protect my natural nails.  Nails Inc A&E Base Coat provides a fantastic coverage whilst both protecting and nourishing your nails.  This is available from the Nails Inc website at £12 a bottle.

Once the base coat had dried I cracked straight on with applying cabaret by Ciaté.  The Ciaté brushes are insane, they glide the nail polish across your nails with complete and utter ease.  Don't be afraid by the first coat of this polish when applied to your nails, it may look like streaky bacon or a bad fake tan, but have no fear, your final result will be stunning.  

A top tip is to not press hard when applying the brush to your nail, take gently light strokes and it doesn't matter how many strokes you do to evenly cover your nail.  

Your second coat shall completely even out your nail, so simply stroke this on and you shall have a gorgeous, glossy and glamourous nail ready to play with.  I have a tendency to use three coats of nail polish just to get that extra bold and striking look, so if you fancy apply a third coat, this is up to you, it is more of a naughty habit for me!

Now say hello to this stunning polish coating your nails.  Now do you see why I adore this colour?  It is deep, rich yet bold and holds a ridiculous amount of colour.  This picture doesn't capture just how glossy this is, but see for yourself, you may even want to leave your nails like this...

When your beautiful talons have finished drying, here is the right time to crack out your new toy.  Mattnificent by Ciaté.  Yes, this definitely does deserve it's own little sentence!  Using an effect nail polish could not be more simpler than Mattnificent.  The bottle does say wait 2 minutes before applying but just to be on the safe side I waited a while longer to ensure my polish underneath was completely dry.

Carefully take the bottle from the box and place it in to your hand.  Don't be scared be really excited!!  When you feel happy that your nails are dry enough, paint one thin layer of Mattnificent on to each and every nail.  That is it!!  Yes, you did read right, that is it!  Sit back, relax and quite literally watch your nails transform from being glistening beauties, to some mattnifique nails. 

Really, the last time I was this amazed with the final result of a nail varnish which developed this quick was ... oh I cannot remember!  The polish will dry in a matter of moments in front of your eyes, in no time at all you shall be able to go around as normal.  

You cannot fault this impeccably designed polish in any way.  It dries in a matter of moments, seals in your beautiful design and just looks purely sensational.  

Obviously you don't add a top coat to this as that would defeat the object of having matte nails.  But, why would you even think of doing this when you are staring at your new nails?  Exactly, you wouldn't!

The texture of your nails once mattefied is just like you were touching silk.  Being smooth, luxurious and something irresistible to touch.  And no, this being the outcome of the product does not mean that handcream or lots of water shall stain or even discolour the matte effect on top of your chosen nail colour.  I have used this effect on my nails now for 2 days and constantly use hand cream throughout the day to moisturise my hands - nothing.  No chipping, no discolouring, no nothing other than having a stunning and effective finish on my nails!

In case I haven't mentioned before, Ciaté produce my favourite nail varnishes.  Everything from the packaging through to the application and the final result will leave you feeling over the moon.  Mattnificent by Ciaté simply adds to this glorious collection, proving a matte finish which you won't be disappointed with in any way, shape or form. 

I really do hope you give this a try if you want to try something new for your nails - this won't ever go out of fashion, I have a feeling about this.  No matter the season or latest trends, matte nails will always be seen as beautiful and Ciaté shall be leading the way, showing others how this is done!  I for one shall be using this until the bottle runs out...!

The answer to the title of this post?  Definitely, c'est mattnifique!

If you have any other brands which provide a super matte top coat I would love to hear about them below :).

Have a wonderful weekend!


Elaine_KS xo


  1. So gorgeous, I love the matte nail look! X x

    1. Hellooooo Catherine :)!

      Ohhhh me too, it is my new guilty pleasure for my nails! I can really recommend this one by Ciaté, it is absolutely fantastic!!

      I hope that you're having a lovely day miss :)




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