Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Butter London and Ciaté Mattnificent Mixup

Before I get started I should probably explain that if you don't know by now, this season (SS) for nails it is all about the pastels and the emerald greens! So hop on the band wagon, get ahead of the crowds and wow people with your tip top nails - if you have your pastels from last year then don't go spending more monies, reuse them, it is generally the same shades which are produced by nail polish manufacturers each year! This shall help explain this little story (hehe), I hope you enjoy :).

Last week I suffered from an impulse purchase moment. You know one of those things...?! It was a case of 'oh now they look flipping INSANE, should probably give them a go...' And the rest was history. It was in my shopping basket, all ready to check out! I then visited their homepage and ordered even more which should be arriving next week...(yiiipppeee!!)

What this purchase was you may ask? Simples. It was a new nail polish from the stunning range available by Butter London. I had read multiple reviews on these nail varnishes and was yet to stumble across a bad one so really, this was the deal breaker for me!

How did I stumble across these? Again, simple. I follow Lauren Conrad on Instagram and she had posted a snapshot of all her nail varnishes. When I looked a little closer I wondered what these bottles were. The bottles which had such a beautiful pattern on top of the cap.

After a little research Butter London came to light and nothing more needs saying. Their range captured me and I was automatically a new fan! I was stunned at how I hadn't come across such magnificent polishes before. Free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP this means your nails are coated in something completely toxin free This prompted me to do some research and I was shocked at what is in everyday nail polishes! Butter London have revolutionised the way in which all nail varnishes will all be made.

I was itching for this nail polish to arrive. , checking the post each day when finally it arrived. Ripping open the packaging I was most certainly not disappointed! The bottle itself, the style of it, absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect style to pop in your other hand whilst painting your nails Visually already I was falling for this product.

Now was the time to get down and paint my nails! Believe me, there was no time wasted here... To mix this up for the weekend I wanted to incorporate cabaret by Ciaté for two nails on each hand (please see my previous post for a review of this nail varnish and Mattnificent).

From left to right allow me to introduce:

Nails Inc - A&E Base Coat, available from the Nails Inc website for £12

Butter London - Thames, available from the Butter London website for £13

Ciaté - Cabaret, available from the Ciaté website for £9 - this is currently out of stock but sign up for the waiting list, it is a beautiful favourite

Ciaté - Mattnificent available from the Ciaté website for £11.

I began by using my base coat, A&E base coat from Nails Inc. This can be found at the Nails Inc website for £12 and is a staple for anyone in your vanity kit, whether or not your nails need that extra nourishment.

Once dry it was time to apply the Butter London, Thames nail varnish to my thumb, second and baby fingernails. After one coat I can really say I was worried. It looked too thin and as though it was going to need about 4 layers to even get a single solid colour. 'I've got 3 more on the way of these' I thought, 'what have I done?!'

Nevertheless I waited for this thin and almost non existent layer to dry before applying my second coat. Oh my days, how wrong could anyone be? VERY wrong let me tell you. Two coats and my nails looked absolutely insane!! I cannot believe what I was even thinking! The colour was shiny, glossy, bold, striking and just completely blew me away. As I previously mentioned, emerald greens are definitely in this season and I could not recommend this enough. The end result is absolutely fantastic.

Everything down to the application. The brushes are of a width not so wide to cover your nail but seem to have been created with the aim of getting a perfectly even coverage. With a smell which isn't overpowering, the weight of the bottle not too heavy and the drying speed - not too long at all! You don't even need to use a topcoat with these if you don't want too, the result is of a high gloss.

To finish the final result for my weekend I decided to Mattify these naughty nails up using another of my latest goodies Mattnificent by Ciaté - if you check out my previous post I give this polish a full review :). When applying this product all you need do is wait until your nails are dry and apply one thin coat over each nail. Your nails will then transform beneath your eyes in a matter of moments to reveal a Mattnificent result!! Touch them (when dry) and you shall feel how silly they are... This just adds to the amazingness (?!) of the Butter London polish. It still looks MEGA when given a Matte coverage.

There you have it folks, I shall be sure to let you know when my other polishes arrive from the wonderful Butter London ... I actually cannot wait!!!

If you've got any favourites from Butter London I would love to hear from you :).

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend lovelies.




  1. Great colours, they look gorgeous! x

    1. Hi Natalia :)!

      Thank you very much! I really recommend both Ciaté and Butter London - they're fantastic!!!! Have A wonderful weekend missy :), X



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