Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pastel Nails S/S 2013

In my previous post I told you a little bit about how pastel nail colours were in for the Spring/Summer of 2013 and how if you had some left over from last year then use those rather than splashing out on some new ones.  

This is exactly what I did!!  Nail polish brands tend to bring out the same variations of pastel colours, so there is usally only the slightest pigmentation difference.  I wanted to create a very simple pastel nail art design which anyone can do but that makes people do a double take so I came up with this ...

See, simples pimples for anyone to create and here are the pastels which I used, both new and old:

From left to right we have:

White Nail Pen, Rio - available for £5.95 from the Rio website or purchase in a set of original colours for £24.99

Cocktail sticks - all shall be explained, don't be scared...!

Nails Inc - A&E Base Coat, available from the Nails Inc website for £12.

Models Own - Lemon Meringue available from the Models Own website for £5.

Models Own - Lilac Dream available from the Models Own website for £5.

Models Own - Pastel Pink available from the Models Own website for £5.

Models Own - Fuzzy Peach available from the Models Own website for £5.

Models Own - Feeling Blue available from the Models Own website for £5.

Models Own - Sophie's Pink available from the Models Own website for £5.

Ciaté - Cabaret available from the Ciaté website for £9.

Nails Inc - Kensington Caviar 45 Second Top Coat available from the Nails Inc website for £12.

As you can see, a large majority are by Models Own who offer an outstanding array of colours for any occasion and pastels are no different!

I have a fair few Models Own nail varnishes. their brushes are divine gently and gracefully providing an extremely even coverage.  You need only apply two coats of any colour and your nails are completely covered in a beautifully and delicious layer of heaven.

To achieve this simple yet stunning S/S artwork this is all you have to do : 

1.  Apply your base coat, this will help to protect your natural nail. 

2.  Once you have flittered around like a snowflake hitting the ground pick out 5 of your favourite pastel colours and 5 darker colours of the same colour palette.  For example, a light pink and a dark pink, a light purple and a dark purple - you get where I'm going with this...!

3.  Paint your nails on one hand each with a different pastel colour (the lighter of the two shades) - this will act as your base colour.

4.  Repeat the same colours on the same nails on your opposite hand.

5.  When these are completely dry you need to get your darker pots all ready for use and either a white nail varnish and a cocktail stick or a white nail art pen.

6.  On your orange nails you need to create a thin zigzag/wavey pattern with a white polish.  This can easily be achieved with a white nail varnish or a white nail art pen.  Be careful not to create the lines too thick as we need to get three zigzags on to this nail :).

7.   For the pale yellow nail I decided to get to work and create some stripes!  With my nail art pen I simply began using the striper at the base of the nail and slowly but smoothly pulled it to the tip of my nail.  To get a striking white line I went over the base line again.  This helps to create a sweet candy effect. 

If you don't have a nail striper then have no fear, yes no fear at all.  There is no need to go and spend extra monies, just grab a cocktail stick, dip it in to a white nail varnish and drag the point from one end of your nail to the other.  The end result will be exactly the same, honestly :)!

8.  Let's get dotty!!  On the purple nail take your darker purple polish and a cocktail stick.  Dip one of the cocktail stick in to the polish and here's the fun part ... create dots all over your nails!!  Anywhere you fancy, just go craaaaayzaaay and let loose!

9.  The pink nail holds a very similar method ... there really is nothing fancy here at all to get your head around!  Gather your darker pink nail polish and your cocktail stick.  Dip the stick in to the bottle and lift.  The next part depends on the width of your nails, so use your own judgement, remember you don't want the dots to be too squished together.  

10.  At the tip of the nail create your first layer of dots, in my case 4, then underneath leave a small gap and do 3, then on the next layer 2 and the final layer create 1 dot.  Imagine a pyramid, think pyramid, create pyramid..!

11.  For the final nails, the blue nails take either your stiper or your cocktail stick and your white polish.  If you are using a striper once covered in the white polish remove any excess and drag from one diagonal point on your nail to the other.  Top tip alert, don't move the striper, simply rotate your nail and keep the striper still.  This will help to keep the line as straight and even as possible.  

12.  If you don't have a striper, don't panic, dip your cocktail stick in to the polish and simply repeat the same process or create lots of small dots close together to create the line.  You will need a few lines on this nail, with your own judgement repeat this process for as many lines as you require :).

13.  Now you have one full hand completely done!  WOOOHOOO!!  When this hand is completely dry, repeat all of these on the same nails on your opposite hand.  I would recommend leaving this to dry for a good 15/20 minutes before moving on to the next step.

14.  When all your nails are dry, seal the simplistic design with your favourite glossy top coat.  My personal choice at the moment is Nails Inc, Kensington Caviar 45 Second Top Coat.

15.  All you need do now, is wait patiently for your nails to dry super glossy!

16.  Take a look at your majestic pastel nail design :).    

I hope you have enjoyed this mini tutorial - it really is simple enough to do on both of your hands with no stressful moments in between!

Have a lovely week everybody :).




  1. wow! Your Nails Looks Super Cool
    Great Tutorial!
    I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog

    1. Heyyyyy Claudia!

      Thank you very much for checking out my post and your lovely message :)!

      I shall be sure to check out your blog right away :), I hope you've had a scrummy day lovely.


  2. mmm I love pastels! so cute for springtime :)

    Steph // Giveaway!! fun size beauty

    1. Hello Step :)!

      Pastels are amazing aren't they?! There's always a pastel colour which will complement your outfit, always!!

      I hope that you are having a lovely lovely day :),


  3. they look gorgeous! thanks for sharing every step! I'm gonna try to do it like you did!

  4. You gave me a great idea thank you, I'll try this :D

    I would appreciate if you visit my blog

  5. Replies
    1. Hiii Natalia,

      Thank you very much :)!! I hope that you are having a lovely week so far missy.


  6. I've been really wanting to try out matte finish nail colours and I think pastel will be a wonderful starting point. These nails look like candy :) so cute and fun!

    1. Hello little lady :),

      Ohhh definitely, paint your nails with your favourite pastel nails and apply a matte top coat - you really won't be disappointed with either the colour or the final result.

      You're right and I haven't thought of that before - candy nails, I love it :)!




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