Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ciaté : Fade to Greige - Tried and Success!

I felt a different more standard approach to my nails this week. Having had my pastels on for a few days yesterday the time came to get a more casual colour.

Fade to greige was giving me that look, eyeing me up from my nail varnish basket. Needless to say it won me over and I was enchanted! This bottle I got from my mini mani month, I've used it before this before but not on two full hands. The result, see for yourself - beautiful if I do say so myself ..!

Ciaté nail varnishes are extremely special to me. I really cannot say one bad thing about them! Their bottles, the cute bows, the brushes, the stylish results, their mind blowing innovative designs and the duration the polishes last for are just some of the qualities which keep me hooked. I see Ciaté as being a brand of the future, not only are they now building up to be a prestigious innovative company but also are set to rival the fashion world by storm!

Fade to greige really shall make your nails look truly delicious, from the look in the bottle through to the end result. It is available from the Ciaté website for £9 a bottle. Again the postage and packaging is £5.95 for standard delivery, so make sure you buy a few of these polishes in one go - you won't be let down by any of them!  They all hold a huge amount of secret magic in one bottle.

This is what the polish looks like on your nails. It reminds me of a mushroom grey with a hint of purple - delicious. When dry, you shall be amazed at the high gloss!! The picture above shows my nails without any top coat on them - yes really, none and a day after it was applied!!

The application process is also extremely simple, delicate and effortless. I applied my base coat first to protect my natural nails and waited for them to dry. As mentioned before I recently purchased Nails Inc A&E base coat (£12 from the Nails Inc website) and find it difficult to fault, as of yet!  The colour might be interesting to say the least but once dry your nails are clear and ready to hit the road.

Once your base coat is ready to rock and roll apply your first layer of fade to greige. Top tip : don't press hard on the brush. It already covers your nails extremely easily so don't add any unnecessary pressure. When you apply this first coat you may think 'gosh, that looks incredibly stripy and uneven'. Have no such silly thoughts!! I have found recently that nail varnishes which generally have a first coat like this actually cover your nail with the most even polish at the end. It isn't too thick but covers enough to give a bold colour finish.

With the first coat done and dried - if all a little patchy - you are now ready to get crackalacking on your second coat. Try to hide your excitement about this, for the final result is going to look stunning!! Get the bottle and brush ready, and GO! Paint that second coat on your nails and wait for your nails to transform in to some beautiful shiny gems :). Really, you will adore the result of this polish!

If you get faint patches on your nails (almost things areas) then this is because you haven't allowed the first coat to dry properly. This happened on my first full set of nail simply because I was so impatient I couldn't wait to see the final result!!! If this also happens to you, don't go taking the polish off, just paint one more thin coat over the nail and BOOM, your nails are now gleaming :).

Not only is the application simple but the brush really does just gracefully glide over your nail leaving your old plain nails behind and revealing a beautiful result to make others envious! Not being too thick, the brush is of a fantastic width, perfectly designed to get that flawless coverage.

I have always found the polishes created by Ciaté to be long lasting - they don't chip easily, don't loose their shine and don't let you down.

Having had my fade to greige nails on for a day I wanted to apply my Mattnificent polish by Ciaté tonight - my new guilty pleasure. I was intrigued to see what it would look like having undergone a matte makeover... Here is the result and I think you'll agree it has more than passed the Mattify test....!

Mattnificent is available from the Ciaté website for £11 and is a must for anyone's nail collection. Its effortless application, simply painting one thin layer over a dry nail, will leave you seeing the transformation from shiny to matte in only a few moments. If you haven't already... Gone on silly sausage, give it a go and see this Mattnifique change ... :)!  Let's not forget the touch of Mattnificent.  Your nails feel as though they have been bathed in a glorious tub of silk.  They are so smooth touch and feel, that you really won't understand until you try this polish.  The texture is extremely different to just applying a standard nail varnish, an alternative feel altogether.  One which shall add to peoples amazement as well as your own!

The general over review of fade to greige, here we have it. Fade to greige is a fantastic addition to anyone's nail varnish collection. No matter the outfit this shall add not only an element of class but a colour which you shall find complements any of your chosen outfits.

I hope this review has helped persuade you make a cheeky purchase hehe.

It is nearly the weekend you crazy cats, go get some playing time booked in to your diary!!




  1. Gorgeous colour I love it! It's soo shiny xo

    1. Hiiiii Mimi :)!

      Oh it really is!!! I am in love with this colour, perfect for any occasion :)!


  2. I currently have a matt, pastel colour on my nails and I think I feel the same as you, time for something a bit more casual.
    I'm currently rediscovering nail polish because I fell off the wagon and started biting my nails. But now that they've grown back I want to try every colour! I'm new to wearing darker colours though. I have lighter olive skin and some dark colours just don't look right.. Do you have any suggestions for colours? I really like that colour on you but sadly I don't think it will suit me as much :/

    1. Hello Monika :).

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I have to say the pastel matte nails are bang on trend with spring and summer so be sure not to throw them out with your change in colours!

      For a beautiful olive skin tone I would really recommend red, purple and green based nail varnished. These tones will really complement your stunning skin tone. Cabaret by Ciaté is a gorgeous purple based tone which would look delicious. The green based colours are also snap on trend for 2013 and I can really recommend Thames by Butter London - this will be fabulous on you!!!!

      These purple and red based tones I would really suggest - check out my previous post on the cabaret polish by Ciaté and Thames by Butter London. These sort of shades with olive skin = simple beauty.

      I hope this helps and if you have any more questions don't hesitate to pop me another line :),

      Have a wonderful weekend!




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