Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nails Inc. Concrete Nails

Happy New Year everybody!!!

I'm sorry it has been some time but with work starting again and it being so busy there has been little time to note anything down.

Here we are though ... we are back 2013 with Nails Inc who have introduced a concrete nail polish.  2013 is all about textures on nails so this is just the beginning for what we can expect to see. The polish is available from Nails Inc's website and costs £12 a bottle.

I tell no lies when I say this wasn't an instant purchase.  Having just received the leather & skulls polish (which was insane, see my previous post) I thought the overall effect might be the same or very similar.  After a few moments of thought though I had to see this for myself so off I popped and ordered Marble Arch Concrete Effect Polish (left in image below) and London Wall Concrete Effect Polish (right in image below).  Before any of you ask...I can tell you now, the overall effect is very different and somewhat beautiful.

If you're like me and cannot wait to try out new nail polishes here's some simple steps to get the best concrete effect:

1)  Apply a base coat, this will help to protect your natural nails.  I recently switched my base coat to Nails Inc's A&E and so far I am very impressed!

2) When you've finished tootling around waiting for this to dry open the bottle and cover the nail with even thin strokes.

Do not worry if the nail is still visible underneath, I learned it is better to do two thin coats than one thick.

3) Wait.  Wait until this layer is dry.  You will notice that there are a few lumps and bumps in the polish when you begin to apply your first coat.  This is normal, no no no, your polish is not mouldy!  These bumps are only the beginning, wait until you have finished your second coat...

4)  Paint your second coat on to the nail, make sure this covers the nail.  Again, a thin coat should be all that is needed to achieve the final look.

5)  Wait.  Sit back and relax whilst your nails transform in to concrete!

Be careful not to nudge or touch anything whilst this is drying.

6) Now, oh now, you are left with some beautiful nails which look like they have concrete set upon them!

Mine have been on now for 3 days and still look as good as new:

For some reason in a darker setting the grey in the pictures above looks a bit greener .... here they are in daylight:

This nail varnish you will definitely not be disappointed with.  That I can assure you.  It is one of the most beautiful textures which really stands out, making your nails look that extra special...

Take care and enjoy this year of textures!

Elaine KS


  1. HIYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Well Sneds, I have to say, this blog is fantastic!! Well done you, and keep up the good work :) I am an official follower xxxxxxxxx

    1. YO YO TEEEEEASLEEE!!! Thank you very much babygirrrrrrrl :)! Can I get a waaahooosers ?! xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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