Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lipstick. A best friend.

Let us talk lippy!

Lipstick has become a staple makeup item in my handbag for almost the past year.  They say it is rude to look inside a ladies handbag, but here we go, an exclusive insight in to the lipsticks which could end up rocking and rolling up in there somewhere..!

As I have mentioned before I am a huge Chanel makeup fan and their lipsticks are no exception.  They last, they moisturise, the colours are bold and they look show-stopping.  There are other cosmetic companies though which offer some beautiful shades of lipstick to us, their customers, which should also get a look in.  It's only fair ....

I've grown to become more daring and gone from wearing pinky tones to orange/red/blue based lipsticks.  

Here is a sample, again on my arm, of my two more red/orange based colours:

 The first is Chanel, Rouge Allure, Luminous Intense Lip Colour, 98 - Coromandel

And the second is Chanel, Rouge Coco, 21 - Rivoli.  This is one of my favourite lipsticks for evenings.  The colour is deep and vibrant.  With minimal eye makeup worn it looks utterly fantastic if I do say so myself ...

Don't forget, deep and bright colours aren't just for evenings.  Get ready and use them during the day, as long as they are in-keeping with your outfit and the occassion there's nothing wrong with that!  

Remember though, if you are having bright lips keep makeup elsewhere minimal, you don't want to overpower people with a rainbow of colours all over your face.

Aside from the darker colours, it is also an essential to have more neutral colours in your handbag and here are some brilliant examples for you to go and get your hands on:

From top to bottom or left to right (image below) I shall introduce:

Dior, Dior Addict Lipstick, 260 - Rose Deshabillé, £24 from Debenhams

Chanel, Rouge Coco Shine, 45 - Misia,  £24 from Boots

Chanel, Rouge Coco Shine, 52 - Fétiche, £24 from Debenhams

Chanel, Rouge Coco Shine, 67, Deauville, £24 from Boots

Chanel, Rouge Coco Shine, 42, Biarritz, £24 from Debenhams

Benefit, Breakup Rumor, £14 from Debenhams

Max Factor, 859 Ciner.  This lipstick is an old one I have but still use and from what I can find Max Factor no longer produce this - I'm sorry!

My favourites for work are the browny more neutral tones such as Deauville and Biarritz - they look fabulous for a minimal makeup look but add that slight tint of colour.

Another favourite for work of mine is a Clinique chubby stick.  These are fairly new to the market and add fantastic colour to your lips which I can safely say will last a day!  These manage to stick through the copious teas, coffees, cups of water and your lunch.  Need I say more?  These are fast becoming one of my new favourites.  Without no more introduction, welcome Chubby Stick Intense, Chunkiest Chilli.

Chubby Sticks are available from Clinique counters in most department stores in the beauty section at £16.  Or, you can sit back and relax from the comfort of your own home and order direct from their website.  They are extremely easy to apply, you are in total control in each and every stroke.  Clinque have definitely got this right!

Don't be afraid in trying new shades of lipsticks either.  I used to always only wear neutral tones, as you can tell from the amount I own, but more recently I thought 'what the heck, let's just do it'.  So quite frankly, I did and now cannot get enough of them!

When applying your lipstick here is my secret weapon.  

Apply lipstick to your top lip and blot using either kitchen roll, a tissue or toilet paper.  Then repeat this on your bottom lip.  Once both are blotted and set, apply a second layer of lipstick to both the upper and lower.

My lipcare top tip, well simple.  Keeps lips nourished and moisturised.  When you go to bed pop on some of your favourite lipbalm.  This will keep them in tiptop condition ready for your lipstick in the morning :).

Abracadabra, you have it.  The perfect lipstick, ready to go and pout to perfection!

There we have it lovelies, go and mix up your makeup with some snazzy and sexy lipsticks.

Take Care.



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