Sunday, 13 January 2013

Daisy Nails Made Simple

Here we have, a very easy nailart design which you anyone can whip up in a matter of moments!  Daisy Nails!!  We may be in winter, but your nails can always do with some flower loving so here is how we make them happy.

This picture below was done by my left hand on to my right hand...  If I can do this, believe me, so can you!

These nails are simple and don't take too much time.  I did them before going out for a meal, after work!  They took in total, including drying time) under an hour.

Usually on my nail art posts I have a long list of colours which have been used, but have no fear, this may come as a shock to some, there are only 3, yes 3, colours used to create this design.  You can mix and match the colours to your personal taste, feel free to go crazy and experiment!

Below are my tools to create the daisy nail look:

1. Nails Inc, A & E basecoat, £12 from Nails Inc themselves.  This has become my new staple basecoat.  It is absolutely insane!  If like me, your nails sometimes need that help in recovery, then BOOM, use this little pot of magic.

2. Rio Yellow Nail Art Pen.  You can either buy this by itself which costs £4.95 from the Rio website or as a set for £24.95 from the Rio website.

3. Ciaté, Power Dressing.  I got this on day 17 in my mini mani month and am in love with the colour.  It provides a rich deep navy blue which looks classy for any occasion.  This costs £9.00 and is available from the Ciaté website.

3. Rio White Nail Art Pen.  You can either buy this by itself which costs £4.95 from the Rio website or as a set for £24.95 from the Rio website.

4. Nails Inc, Kensington 45 Second Top Coat.  Again, this is absolutely fantastic providing an ultra high shine top coat which dries in under a minute.  What more could you ask for?!

Now we've got the introductions over let's get down to the nitty gritty on how to create these beauties.

1.  Apply your chosen basecoat to your nail and wait for it to dry.

2. Take your base colour coat and apply one layer to all your nails - in my case this was power dressing by Ciaté.

3.  Once the first layer has dried, paint on your second layer on to add that extra bit of depth to your nails.  This may take a bit of time to dry so make the most of doing nothing, you don't want to mess these up otherwise that's a whole 3 layers you have to do again ...!

4.  This is where the daisies are made!  Firstly decide where you would like your first daisy to be and get your polishes or nail pens ready.  If you don't have nail art pens then have no fear.  As I mentioned before cocktail sticks are brilliant tools to use so grab either your cocktail stick or nail pen and paint a small dot.  This shall be the centre of your daisy so make sure you have enough space around it to paint the petals.

5.  Take your chosen colour for the petal and paint ideally 5 dots around the centre dot.  These dots should be no bigger than your centre dot, ideally the same size.  In my case this was white for the middle and yellow for the petals.  There you have it, the perfect daisy.  

6.  Now you have your first daisy you can now go crazy and complete your nails!  

7.  Why don't you try adding the centre dot to the edge of your nail and creating the petals around a half circle?  This gives the illusion of half the flower being hidden.

8.  Once you have completed both sets of nails wait for them to dry.  This won't take too long so watch a bit of a film, your soaps whatever you fancy, just be careful not to go to cray and smudge your beautiful flowes.

9.  Finally, apply your favourite top coat, in my case Nails Inc Caviar 45 Second Top Coat and there you have it!

10.  Step 10.  Your stunning flowery nails are complete.  Go and wow your friends, shine them around with this design!


* Don't cram your daisies up on your nails.  Give them space.  If you only have small nails, ensure you haven't squished lots of pretty nails on.  Minimal is just as effective.

* Do experiment with colours.  Mix and match them depending on your mood or your outfit.  Please don't be afraid by using bold colours either.  Use whichever takes your fancy.

* Don't make your dots too thick and heavy.  You want to show the colour but not make lumps on your nails.

*  Wait sufficient time for your daisies to dry before applying your top coat, you don't want to smudge the dots.

* Do go around and show people your fabulous creations.  They'll all want to try it ...!

BOOM!  There we have it peeps, your simple pimples step by step guide to creating your own magnificently beautiful daisy printed nails!

Take Care.



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  1. These are gorgeous! I need to have a go of this design :)
    Rachael X



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