Sunday, 30 December 2012

Simplicity. New York.

So this, this being 'simplicity' got me thinking.  I've titled my blog 'Beauty, Simplicity and Nails', yet all that has been posted so far is beauty and nails.  What falls in to the 'Simplicity' category?

After a good long Winnie The Pooh thinking, in other words a matter of seconds, I decided that 'Simplicity' in this case simply means me posting anything else easy on the eye which can help to break things up a little bit from makeup and nails.  

This instead is beauty in its simplest of forms.  'Simplicity' in this case comes in the form of sharing with you some pictures I've taken from one of my first trips to New York, one of my most memorable and favourite places in the world.

So here you have it, few words and more pictures.  I mean they say pictures have many unsaid words so go crazay and make some stories from them...!

And there we have it folks!

Take care and have a wonderful pre-New Years Eve day :).

Elaine KS

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