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New Years Eve Nails

To go with my earlier post on New Years Eve Eye Simplicity I spent an hour of my Friday afternoon playing around with polishes and nail pens to create some New Years Eve nail designs.  NYE means two things - fun and sparkles!  

In order to make these little babies come to life I used a number of polishes and textures.  You'll have to forgive me, this is a rather lengthy post as I break down each nail individually to ensure you have no hiccups if you attempt any of these yourselves :).

As you can see, I'm in love with the Ciaté nail polish range.  They provide such fantastic and exciting colours and textures, making every nail experience exciting.  From left to right from the above piccie I shall introduce...

Ciaté - Caviar pearls, bumble bee
Ciaté - Cabaret, 046
Ciaté - Vintage, 018
Ciaté - Power Dressing, 063
Ciaté - Ladylike Luxe, 059
Ciaté - Harlequin sequined manicure
Ciaté - Mother of pearl caviar manicure
Ciaté - Super Duper sequined manicure
Models Own - 3 in 1
Ciaté - Headliner, 066
Ciaté - Dangerous Affair, 013
Ciaté - Fade to Greige, 071
Ciaté - Twilight, 072
Ciaté - Magic Carpet

Here's a sneaky snapshot of both hands completed.  This should help the descriptions below make a bit more sense...hopefully!

Before we get started on the playing, apply a coat of your favourite base coat, in my case, Models Own 3 in 1.

Once these have dried, we shall start cooking up some beautiful and simple nails for NYE. 

Ciaté Sequined Manicure 
If you refer back to my earlier post on the Ciaté Sequinned Manicure you will find a much more detailed description on how to create this simple, snazzy and beautiful nail.  

In a quick refresher, paint the nail with the glitter grip, pop your nail in the glitter pot, tidy up your nails with the brush and seal with the glitter grip.  Then sit back and relax for 15 minutes whilst they dry.

Ciaté Caviar Nails
Again, if you take a refresher at my earlier post on the Ciaté Caviar nails it will provide you will a much more detailed description on how to achieve the perfect look as well as some tip top sneaky tips. 

In a bite ... Using either the nail varnish provided in your caviar set or an alternative polish paint one coat on to your nails.  In this case, I used  Ciaté, Twilight and  Ciaté Ladylike Luxe.  When dry paint a second coat on, place your hand over the tray and immediately pour the beads over your full nail.  With a clean nail, remove any loose beads and pat down the beads on your nail to secure.  Do not use a top coat.

On your remaining nails paint each the appropriate base colour which you would like to build upon, and do two coats for each to give it that extra razzle dazzle impression.

1) Once the two coats of your chosen colour have dried get together a collection of colours you would like your fireworks to be.  

2) Grab either a nail pen, a cocktail stick or a hair pin and dip in to one colour at a time.  With the end now covered in nail varnish, simply dot it all around your nail and repeat with the other colours until you have an extremely colourful and explosive looking nail :).   

Remember if you are using a hair pin or cocktail stick to clean the end before dipping in to a different colour.   I created two variations of this with different colours, so repeat as necessary.

If you have nail pens, simply dot the colours all over your nails.

BOOM, there you have it!  Some wonderfully beautiful and colourful firework nails.

Wine Glass
1) Simply draw a glass on to your coloured nail using your preferred choice of tool in a colour of your choice.  

2) I added silver stripes either side of my glass, this can be created cleanly with either a cocktail stick or a nail pen and you can use any colour :).

3) When everything is dry, swipe over a splash of your favourite top coat, securing your art in place.

There you have it, one of the easiest nail art designs you can do!

2013 Nails
On my thumbs I created a 2013 by simply using a nail pen to write 2013.  If you don't have a nail pen, I can suggest using a cocktail stick.  This is recommended rather than a hair pin as the tip is smaller therefore more detail can be applied.  

1) I applied my first 2013 in a metalic silver on one hand and purple on the other.  As it is New Years Eve, why not add a little bit of sparkle?  

2) Once dry, paint over a very thin coat of your favourite glitter polish which compliments the colours already used. 

3) When the glitter has dried all you need do is paint over the numbers with a black, leaving a hint of the metallic paint visible.

4) Once completely dry simply apply a thin top coat which will provide that extra gloss and secure the polish.

5) 2013 nail design, mission accomplished!

Colourful Swirl
The middle finger on my right hand provided me with a colourful swirl.  By painting the base colour using a bright varnish I was able to select a complementary colour which would be used to create the swirl.  Get a cocktail stick at the ready for this one.  Ready?  Here we go....  

1) Place a big blob of the second colour at the end of your nail, ensuring it covers one side to the other.  

2) Whilst the dollop is still wet get your cocktail stick and pull the varnish towards the bottom of your nail.  

3) Create swirls and lines in doing so, the pattern is completely your choice so go as crazy as you feel!

4)  When you are happy with your final design again as it is New Years Eve I placed a thin layer of glitter polish over the top of just the swirl, creating that extra jazzy look!

5) Apply that top coat to give an extra shine and this shall finish the job off nicely :).

And there folks, there we have it, my guide to creating your own explosive New Years Eve nail art!  I hope this has helped you all :)!!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and if I think of anything extra I'll just add a new post!

Take care.

Elaine KS

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