Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ciaté Caviar Nail Polish

The caviar nail varnish by Ciaté is a personal favourite of mine.  For me, these shall never get old and are definitely fun to do which will wow everyone!  I shall warn you all now though, these aren't something which you would wear on a daily basis.  

These, I would use for a night out, a special occasion  as by the next day you will have noticed some of the beads have fallen off.  But, please please please don't be scared by this though, when the beads say bye bye to your nail they also leave a little bobbly effect on your nails, in particular the colourful beads.  This also looks wonderful and I tend to leave my nails like this for a few days after!  

Priced at only £18 each they are the perfect occasional accessory and are available from the Ciaté website. I have 4 different variations of the Caviar beads, each of which I use on a regular basis.  

From left to right we have:

Mother of pearl
Limited Addition Jubilee 
Rainbow pearls
Black pearls

I can suggest for a midweek perk on each hand using the caviar polish on your fourth finger.  Paint the remainder nails a contrasting colour.  This will set the caviar apart and give it the attention it requires!

When it comes to applying the caviar beads, it is a very similar process to the sequined manicure (my previous post).  When purchased you are greeted with a beautiful coloured nail varnish, a pot of caviar beads and a funnel. 

It is suggested that you use the colour polish which Ciaté provide, and I usually do use this.  However, if you do fancy a change, the beads will stick to other polishes too.  For example, I'm a big fan of mixing the mother of pearl caviar beads with Ladylike Luxe, also by Ciaté to create that extra special sparkle.

1)  Apply a base coat of polish, in this case we shall say the colour provided with the beads. Wait for a good couple of minutes, sing some Disney, catch up on some soaps or think of how beautiful your nails will look when completed.

2) When dry get your plastic tray (provided in the caviar set) in a sensible position and remove the lid from the bead pot over it.  This will help to catch any beads which are playing hide and seek in the lid.  

3) Next you should apply a second coat of your chosen nail varnish and pour the beads all over your chosen nail(s) over the plastic tray.  Please, I repeat, please do not be scared with the amount of beads which are pouring out of the glass bottle, these will all be saved in the plastic tray and tipped back in at the end using the funnel.  

4)  Once your nail has been nicely coated, press the beads down to your nail, this will eliminate any loose beads.  

5)  Using a clean nail run it around the outside of your freshly caviared nail, getting out any beads which are stuck between your nail and the skin. Press down at the end of your nail to compact any last naughty beads and what are you left with...?

6) ... Sensational caviar nails which are certain to make heads turn!  

7) To rescue your unused beads, tip the tray so all the beads fall to one point.  Get your funnel and place in to the bottle, then pour the beads back in to their home.  Easy as pie!

It is very important that you do not put a top coat on these nails.  I read before I tried with people stating not to and thought 'it can't be as bad as that, surely?'  My advice, don't do it!!  The texture and presence of the nail is lost.  Leave these nails unsealed.

Take a look at the snippit below, this is both the black pearls and the rainbow pearls used on my nails.

If I do say so myself ... Don't they look fantastic?!  For a showstopping finish, quick, get making your caviar nails!

Take care.

Elaine KS


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