Friday, 28 December 2012

Ciaté Sequined Manicure. Reviewed.

Want to razzle dazzle your nails?  Then look no further as Ciaté have provided you with the answer.  Some absolutely brilliant sequined manicure sets at a cost of £14 per set.  As mentioned before Ciaté as a whole are a particular favourite of mine and this design just adds to those boxes ticked.

Once opened, you will find a pot of extra sparkly glitter, a little brush and a sequin glitter grip polish.  I have both the Harlequin and Super Duper shades so shall use these throughout the little demo.

To get started, apply one coat of the grip polish and allow to dry.  Whilst drying, sit back, relax, watch your soap catch up and chillax.  After these few minutes have passed, let's get prepped for the glitterfying.

Over the glitter grip, glitter pot and brush is a lid which magically transforms to the plastic tray. Remove the plastic lid and place it in a sensible place.  This will be used as the main tray throughout the procedure to trap any stray pieces of glitter.  Next, over the tray take the lid off the glitter pot and place it in the middle.  You'll also need to get the black brush ready to sweep around the nail to get rid of any sneaky glitter which may stick.  

Get ready for a crazy session of painting, glitzing and brushing...!  Ready? GO! Paint your nail with a second layer of the grip polish and quickly place the nail face down in to the glitter pot, make sure the nail is completely covered and draw it from the pot.  Top tip, don't overload the nail otherwise it will flake off easily, just make sure there is enough glitter to cover your nail.

Gently push down the glitter to your nail and remove any from around the nail bed - I find this works best using another clean nail.  Now, using the brush, quick, sweep off any glitter which is sticking anywhere but on the nail.  All of this is made a bit clearer below. 

Where all the glitter surrounding the nail was on the above 'before' picture, you can see that in the 'after' is removed, leaving a crisp and snazzy finish.  Leave the glitter to set for a few minutes and then apply your a layer of the glitter grip over the top of the sequins.  Wait for 15 minutes for everything to set and hey presto, there you have it!  

It really is as simple as a, b, c!  

This polish will last I have found between 3-4 days, naaaat bad hey?!  

An added bonus is that this varnish isn't a a pain to remove either.  Simply pop a bit of varnish remover on to a cotton pad, hold over your nail and then rub away.  It is nothing like trying to remove glitter nail varnish so don't let this part put you off :).

This sequined manicure will not disappoint you, it will only make you want to apply it again and again.  As for an overall result of this beautiful nail polish - at least a high 9/10!

New Years Eve?  These are perfect to use on your nails for an evening of wowing the crowds.

Take care.


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