Friday, 28 December 2012

New Years Eve Eye Simplicity

With New Years Eve only a few sleeps away there's still some time to get your hands on some glitzy yet glamorous makeup treats. Illusion D'Ombre, long wear luminous eyeshadow by Chanel definitely ticks all the boxes, not only for evening celebrations but for everyday wear.  It costs £23 and is available from most department stores in their beauty section.

Illusion D'Ombre is sold as a 'long last luminour eyeshadow' and that is most definitely is.  I am quite what could be described as a fan of these and can safely say they will withstand a full day at work, a night out, you name it.  This is the industrial eye shadow!  You may be thinking, 'oh, this means it's going to be really thick and heavy.'  Wrong!  Somehow Chanel have managed to create a long lasting shadow creme which is as light as a fairy, you can only tell you're wearing it when your face is greeted with a mirror... or photographic evidence the next day!

When you first open your Illusion D'Ombre you will be faced with (nothing scary), the eyeshadow pot and an eyeshadow brush, just see the picture below.  Simple.  

It doesn't get any trickier than opening the box to apply this eyeshadow.  A secret tip here which I have learned myself, although the brush is provided for application, when applying as an eyeshadow I can strongly recommend washing your hands, drying them and using your fingers.  It is much easier and allows the shadow to get in to every crease.  

When applying, start from the inner lid and work outwards.  The beauty of this is that is is a creme.  If you want a stronger colour then simply pop your finger back in to the pot, get some more shadow colour and carefully place on to your lids.  It really is as easy as that.  Your eyelids not only feel silky smooth but thanks to this eyeshadow, look sensational.

If you want to apply this shadow as an eyeliner, this is where the brush comes in handy (piccie below) as using your finger, well you can only imagine the mess made..!  Simply glide the end of your brush over the eyeshadow, then, starting at the inner corner of your eye, draw the line as though you were using a pencil.  Again, you may want to create a bolder colour, so you know what to do, apply more colour to the brush and go back over your crisp line.  For applying to the lower lid, start from the inner corner and glide towards the outer corner just under the lash line.  

At £23 I can honestly say that these eyeshadows last an incredibly long time, not only in the length of time you wear them but in months of use!  I currently have 5 shades, some of which I have had since the beginning of summer - from the snapshot below you can tell which one that is..!

Using my arm I have attempted to provide you all with a snippet as to what each of the above colours look like.

From top to bottom we have:

Vision, 89
Épantant, 84
Emerveillé, 82
Ébloui, 86
Apparence, 817

As you can see the third colour down, Emerveillé, 82, is perfect for daytime wear as its colour is subtle and neutral.

I am a Chanel makeup fan and their eyeshadow, Illusion D'Ombre, proves another hit for me.  The colours available are fantastic, they look incredibly professional and feel like silk.

These longlasting eyeshadow cremes are the perfect makeup essential for New Years Eve!!   Whilst there's still a few days of shopping time left, go and pick out your favourite glitzy one and wow everyone with your beautiful eyes :)!

Personally, I give the gold shades a huge thumbs up, they are incredibly elegant but aren't too metalic. Perfect for New Years Eve!

Take care.


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