Thursday, 27 December 2012

Leather Effect, Nails Inc.

Adding to their absolutely stunning collection of polishes, Nails Inc amaze again in creating a nail varnish which aims to look like leather when dry.  Having seen Alexa Chung wear this polish at the beginning of December I felt it only my duty to purchase and try it for myself.  As you can see from the snapshot below 'Bling it on leather & skulls' is available in the UK in both tan and black - I was far too excited to only buy one so had a pre-Christmas splurge on both!  They are priced at £19 each and are available on the Nails Inc website.

Once you open the box you are greeted with 4 diamante skull embellishments (the tan comes with gold backed embellishments and the black with silver), a tube of glue to stick the skulls to your nails, a cuticle stick and the nail varnish itself. 

I know, they look amazeballs!  Let's get to the nitty gritty, the polish itself, which is exceptionally easy to use.  And here is how in 4 simple steps:

1) Firstly it is recommended that you apply a base coat, for this I can suggest Models Own 3 in 1 which I adore.  The base coat will help to protect your natural nail from being stained.  

2) Once the base coat has dried apply one coat of the leather effect nail polish, make sure it isn't too thick. Have no fear, I was also nervous at this point, do not panic, I repeat, do not panic that the polish looks ultra shiny and glossy.  Wait for the 2 minutes as advised by Nails Ince, sit back, relax on the sofa, sing a song and wait for this first layer to dry.

3) After those 2 short minutes have zoomed past, grab the polish bottle and apply a second coat.  Leave this to dry for as long as required and  ...

4)... Voilá, you now have some saucy nails with a leather effect!  I was absolutely amazed at how much the texture appears on your nails.  They both feel and look extremely textured, surprise surprise, just like leather!

Now, I do have to add that Nails Inc and me have had some issues in the past, that's right, I have found that some of their polishes chip off rather easily.  SO, to put these bad boys to the test I thought I would give my newly painted nails the ultimate challenge.  The shower challenge.  I can confirm that after a 15 minute shower and a thorough hair wash, my nails looked exactly the same as when I finished painting them.  I am now at the end of day two wearing this polish and still have zero chips.  The leather effect is recommended to you all, this is an exceptional creative design by Nails Inc.

You may have noticed that the skulls are absent on my nails in the above image - I'm going to give these a go on New Years Eve, so check back then for new images.  They look incredibly easy to apply though so I cannot wait!

That is all for now, I hope I have managed to persuade you all to try this polish - you won't be disappointed, honest :).

Take care.

Elaine KS

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