Friday, 17 April 2015

Summer hair accessory : Sephora Ribbon Hair Ties

If you're anything like me and whack up your hair when you get too hot, you'll understand what I mean by 'kinks', but fear not for ribbon ties make all the difference and these from Sephora are just dreamy.

Regular hairbands no matter how long they are attached to my head manage to unleash the kinks so I decided last year to give ribbon ties a go and have not looked back since, even with thick hair...!

There's something about them, something magical that banishes kinks stopping them from crossing the boundary and leaving you with the option to let your hair be free again.  Having thick but fine hair also means that unless monster thick elastic hair ties are used anything falls out, but not anymore.  The ribbons surpassed my expectations again, locking in, not slipping, doing their job to an extremely gold star standard.

The ribbon ties I have are all from +Sephora and you can get your hands on them right here.


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