Thursday, 5 March 2015

Evening skincare routine : Revealed

You've seen my morning skincare routine so now it's time to get up close and personal with the evening routine.   Again, my skin type is normal/sensitive so the products mentioned currently are rocking and rolling for me right now, big thumbs up alert.

The Body Shop, Sarah Chapman, Emma Hardie, Cane + Austin, Teoxane, Estee Lauder

Evenings mean a full cleanse and the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm ticks every single job out there.  I use my knuckle to get out a 20p sized amount of product, mix with a dabble of warm water and massage it all over my face to see the makeup melt away.  No really, it literally melts away!  Eye makeup, gone, face makeup, gone, all impurities, gone.  Leaving your skin silky smooth, clean and ready for the rest, I cannot recommend this enough!  Only when certain stubborn eye makeup can't be removed do I reach for my Clarins instant eye makeup remover...

Next up is the ultimate Cane + Austin Acne Treatment Pads, the holy grail of my evening skincare routine,  the ultimate in clearing up my skin from face volcanos.  Whilst I don't suffer from acne my skin has been having a mind of its own lately, breaking out all the freaking time.  One swipe of a pad over my t-zone and chin area each night has completely tamed my skin.  Blemishes haven't formed as whiteheads (gosh that's a horrid word to type), instead something magical happens where overnight it literally shrinks and within 2 days any sign of the pesky things have vanished!  Someone call Harry Potter, we need a wizard for this equation...  

Teoxane Advanced Filler Eyes Contour is my secret weapon for those eyes in the evening that has helped to smooth fine lines, dark circles = minimised and puffiness reduced.  I know, this sounds too good to be true but this really is my holy grail evening eye cream (well gel if we're being technical).  Once more it has a rollerball application which just makes me ooze with excitement at not plopping my fingers in a pot.  

+The Body Shop UK Blemish Free Night Lotion, another blemish lotion I hear you call, well yes indeed.  Whenever a pesky blemish has appeared (pre Cane + Austin), it used to leave a red mark once it packed up its bags and left.  One pump of this over my face each night has gradually been helping them to disappear, whilst you do have to be patient as this isn't an overnight job to do, it really has helped.

+Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex is a serum loved by many, including me.  The main thing for me is that it makes my skin feel ultra hydrated and smoothed, whilst it does also tackle ageing by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, which it does, I just love how this leaves my skin feeling.

The final aspect of my evening skincare routine comes in the form of +Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial.  First of all please don't be put off by the word oil, we all have natural oils in our skin and it only absorbs what it needs.  This incredible product gives my skin an overnight boost, quite literally a facial in the form of a liquid, providing vitamins and all sorts of goodness repairing it from any damage caused during the days events.  Alongside this it also plumps, restores and helps fine lines stay at bay, is it possible to swoon over a product?  When waking in the morning there's no grease, sprouting blemishes or slime, just incredible skin which is positively glowing ready for the day ahead.

The Body Shop, Sarah Chapman, Emma Hardie, Cane + Austin, Teoxane, Estee Lauder

Do you have any skincare holy grail products which you couldn't go without?


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