Monday, 23 February 2015

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment : The secret to nourished hair?

If you're one for colouring your hair, using heated tools on your hair or both of these then you'll know that hair masks are a key role in maintaining those luscious locks, keepin' them silky smooth.  I have fine but rather thick hair, which is rarely coloured but I am an abuser of heat to those strands, guilty as charged.  Through hair dryers, straighteners or a curling wand my hair sees it all, which I know is bad, in fact it leaves me feeling rather sorry for it...true story.  Can the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment quite literally restore my hair and give it that fresh lease of life?

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

Once a week I drown my hair in a hair mask, coat my hair starting from the ends then plopping the remainder towards my roots, then go to sleep.  That's right, there's that much hair that I just sleep in the thing!  This time it's the Living Proof Restore Mask being put to the test.

The treatment itself reminds me of a gloopier body butter, a creamy and rich consistency which glides on to your hair like silk.  Don't be fooled, a little goes a long way so despite having thick mid-length hair I find myself only reaching in to the pot twice for each strand to be soaked, and we're talking locked down soaked folks.  

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

It's safe to say that after I've washed this out of my hair then gone through the usual shampoo/conditioner routine my hair feels like it's come down from fairies in heaven...  There's no doubt about it, nourishment has landed and hit the jackpot!  For the past month I have been using this religiously once a week and the results are really starting to show.  Not only does it feel stronger, it feels in such good condition, is shiny and has reduced the amount of pesky split ends which pop up unannounced.  That's what +Living Proof call their 'Restorative Sheild' which leverages their patented Healthy Hair Molecule...that magical molecule.

There is however one downfall I find with this product, in that you do have to use it for a while to see these results.  Whilst automatically you can feel your hair is incredibly soft, as soon as you apply heat the next day for example, I found it to feel dry and back to the drawing board.  The answer, a combination of persistence mixed with patience.  Let this product work in to your hair over time, then, oh then, you'll see your hair in another halo shining light!

Available from +Space NK apothecary for £35 will this be a product you run out to get your hands on or do you already have your cards marked for those hair masks?



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