Friday, 27 February 2015

Daytime skincare routine : Revealed

Skincare, most of slather on products each morning, designed to help make you skin look its absolute best and whilst it has taken me a while I've managed to finally narrow mine down to an acute selection which suits my skins every need.  I have normal/sensitive skin and these are the products which work for me.  For now anyway...!

Clarins One-Step Facial Cleanser is the answer to my morning cleansing and toning.  I'm always in a rush and this beautiful product solves all my problems with one simple shake to mix everything up, popping it on a cotton pad and putting that beauty all over my face.  It's gentle, soothing and refreshing whilst removing any lurking impurties, it's ready to kickstart your skin for the day babay!

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment is the saviour to providing me with moisturising and nourished eyes, that does read odd doesn't it?!  Having thought for a long time that it was my concealers not settling properly under my eye I finally twigged with that light bulb moment that it was in fact my pesky skin!  I've worked through multiple eye creams and found the one that moisturisers my eyes and doesn't interfere with any concealers in my little pot.

The Body Shop, Nutriganics Smoothing Serum makes my skin oh so smooth and helps my skin become incredible smooth and supple, perking up my skin each morning even on those nothing can help days!  There's a magical ingredient which just makes your makeup sit beautifully on your skin.

Sarah Chapman Morning Facial, do I really need to say anymore than just the name?  The oil which provides me with plumped, refreshed and the glow for those days when your skin needs that extra bit of help.  There's no residue left behind, no oiliness and no unnecessary shine, just incredible skin that wants to help kick some asssss for the day ahead!  

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Dynamic Defence provides the final jenesequa to my morning skincare routine.  The apple to the pie, the banana to the split, the hot to my chocolate.  This brightens my skin every flipping day whilst packing my skin with the ultimate of goodness including protection against both UVA and UVB rays.  Can I get a standing ovation? 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir is my bonus item used on days where my skin really does need that extra kick or that extra glowing booster.  A few spritzes over my face either before or after makeup and this secret weapon to both the inner glow and extra nourishment.

At the moment these are all the morning skincare products which are ticking the boxes in terms of nourishment, no breakouts and making my skin both look and feel alive!  No doubt things will change in the future, but for now, I'm sitting back with these gems.

What are your favourite morning skincare products at the moment?

PS.  In case you haven't gathered, I do love both the phrase inner glow and how it makes my facial area look/feel ...



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