Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The only 5 brushes you need for eyeshadow application

When it comes to eyeshadow brushes there are hundreds, okay maybe a slight exaggeration, but there's a lot which everyone tries to sell you and yes we all fall hook, line and centre to them all!  Here's my top 5, I would go as far to say holy grail brushes, that I use on a day to day basis and to be honest, my others get sort of neglected until these get rather dirty... As you can tell, a brush clean was undertaken a few hours after these were taken.

Let's start from front to back...

Sigma, Eye Shading E55 - My die hard flatbrush for packing that shadow on to the lids.  It has short bristles which are so tightly packed that it just oozes pigmentation on to your eyes.  Perfect for those shimmery shadows or those matte colours, this makes the start so incredibly simple.

Zoeva, Luxe Soft Definer - Imagine the Mac 227 and then some, that's how good it is, I think it's way better!  Not only due to the rose gold colour, but how soft and fluffy this is, makes crease work the easiest it can be.  Using this brush is a foolproof way of adding that depth to your eyes which also can be used for blending, that's right a double function.  How the bristles are packed makes blending far less of a chore!

Bobbi Brown, Eye Blender - It's so fluffy!  That statement rings oh so true, it's just brilliant for blending, adding a bit of depth and did I mention blending?  The bristles are as soft as a cotton candy cloud which just seem to make everything blend in to a dream.  It's also a great tool for setting under eye concealer with a spot of powder.

Sigma, Pencil E30 - Ever wondered how to get that thin line of shadow under your lower lash line?  Look no further than here, or on the link in the title, this allows the colour to be packed on to a pencil shaped nib which just addes the right amount of colour under the eye.  Want to smudge out a dark shadow line instead of eyeliner, try this!

Mac, 266 - For me, this just oozes perfection for sealing in that liquid or gel eyeliner.  The small angled bristles allow for an incredibly precise application of a shadow on top just to lock everything in to place for that extra tight longevity.  If you've got a smaller space under your lower lashline this is also great for applying shadow.

There you have it, those are my 5 top foolproof eyeshadow brushes which are used on a day to day basis.  Do you have any tip top, lifechanging eyeshadow brushes which you couldn't go without?  Let me know in the comments below...


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