Sunday, 13 April 2014

Topshop gives us a Petal lipstick

First of all, I do need to stop with these horrid titles, I know, you're cringing through your teeth, just give me time!  Enough of the rambling too, let's get down to it, Petal lipstick from +Topshop

A beautiful nude shade, perfect for the Spring 2014 which will go with any look you decide to paint on your face.

To be honest I usually steer clear or these particular shades, with my skin tone and hair colour, I prefer a smidge more colour on my lips where possible.  Saying this, Topshop have trumped the nudey pinky card with this beauty.

If you're thinking of moving on from your bog standard nude to a more pinky nude, then this is the lippy to do the job.  A subtle transition from a plan nude to adding a hint of a neutral pink tone.  As you can see it is a beautiful light pink shade which quite honestly goes with any look, no matter the time of day.

The lipsticks themselves are a beautiful creamy texture which glide on to your lips, like butter on toast.  One swipe and you have an opaque finish, dreamy, which shall appear semi-matte.  There is a slight shine when the light hits, which makes this lipstick only more irresistible.

Even the packaging, simplistic, but it more than works.  A white metal tube with the trademark Topshop lipstick black messy lines around the bottom.  One thing in particular about the packaging which has me having hearts in my eyes is the click.  As soon as you close the lipstick you get a click, a satisfying click to close, mmmmm.

I also have this shade in another colour, Beatnik, but that's for another post, it is that good to have its own post, honest!  Topshop lipsticks cost £8 each and Petal is available from their website here.

Overall, this shade has proven something to me, pale pinks can look scrummy if the shade is right and Topshop, you've got a winner.  However, unfortunately for me, I think that this is just too pale to match my skin tone and hair colour...


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