Sunday, 2 February 2014

Taylor Swift: Red Tour hits the O2

The second day of Bloguary and today it is all about Taylor Swift!  Yesterday I caught the train up to London to see Taylor Swift at the O2 on her UK leg of the absolutely fantastic Red Tour with my sister and her lovely friend from university, Charl.  Now first things first, I do have to admit that Taylor Swift is incredible, but I was concerned as I don't know all the words to each of her songs and there were a few occasions where a simple head bop and foot tap occurred... Give me about 4 days and this shall all change! Lyric queen I shall be.

Of course, it wasn't just a sneaky trip to see Taylor though, I got a slightly earlier train and headed across to Oxford Street for a quick pitstop lunch and march around Selfridges.  By March around Selfridges, I do mean a stop at numerous makeup counters including Mac, Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.  I'll do a separate post on those goodies later in the week as I picked up some beauties, but for now, let's focus on Taylor Swift!

My time getting carried away in Selfrridges was up, the countdown clock began and now began the, what should be quick, easy and smooth transition from Bond Street to Canary Wharf where my sister and Charl were having a coffee catch up.  However, this weekend was not my weekend when it came to the tubes, with the Jubilee Line being shut, a mission was now on the cards with a prize of a nice cold sparkling water waiting for me at the end!  After a 45 minute journey, I was hoping there would also be a medallion being awarded to me via by Chris Pine... It felt like that much of an achievement I arrive in Canary Wharf!

After we all had a drink in Costa it was time to head back to my sisters flat and get ready for dinner before T-Swizzle, the excitement was ridiculous from us all!!  We were, as per usual running a smudge late so Jaime's Italian provided us with a quick but delicious dinner before darting like wind to the O2.  With literally 5 minutes to spare, we got to our seats before the Queen of Country herself took to the stage.

This red ensemble is my favourite outfit of the whole show!

Let's get a few things straight here, Taylor Swift is absolutely beautiful!!  From her voice, to the fantastic array of costumes and pure her beauty, it is an honest statement to say that Taylor Swift is one magnificent woman.  Each song was performed with a ridiculous amount of energy and love which fuelled an already adrenaline fuelled audience for a solid 2 hours.

There were quite a few costumer changes, however, in Swift's spare time I reckon she has also trained to be a magician, they were so incredibly quick and smooth it made your mind think how some of them were even possible!  Speaking of costumes, it was amazing to see the effort fans went to with their outfits.  I don't think any of us 3 had seen as many lights, glitter, headbands or red ensembles together before, they were stunning!  Quite frankly, if I had the chance, I would go again to see Swift again dolled up from head to toe with lights in only red and white...

Anyway, allow the pictures to do some more talking, this is definitely a post more about pictures!

On a second stage further in to the audience, Taylor was carried by her dancers where she cracked out yet more of her whopping songs...

Absolutely love this glitzy top!! 

Yes yes ladies and gentlemen, Taylor invited the one and only Ed Sheeran on stage to duet Lego House!!  Although it was his day off, he landed on the stage in front of our very eyes and I cannot even begin to explain to you the absolute roar which came glowing from the audience when he emerged, it was just spectacular!

There was even a mechanical leg on stage which took Taylor up and flying around the stage in large circles!

To conclude, I can honestly say that if you have the opportunity to see Taylor in concert, I would say, you're cray if you don't go!  When the next tour comes around, I kid you not, I shall be right there waiting oh so desperately for tickets, she was mind-blowing and put on the most energetic, loving and sensational show, not just concert, but show.  Mothers, children, men, boyfriends, husbands, everyone was boogying out of their seats the whole night!

Taylor made mention of something be announced this week, so everyone keep your eyes peeled...

Now for those of you who are kind enough to be reading right down to this last part, here is one of the sneaky videos I took ... excuse the dodgy shots, I was so excited!  (And the quality seems to have been lost too, dramatically lost, sorry folks!)



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