Friday, 28 February 2014

Let's get in a Floral Fantasy with MAC...

MAC recently released their A Fantasy of Flowers, a mineralized makeup collection for SS14, of course, the name instantly makes you want it to just warm up already!

Only very recently did I discover MAC makeup, obviously I had heard about it, but with everyone raving I wanted to find my favourites.  Anyway, a long story short, I caved and have now fallen in to a new relationship.  So here is a show and tell session with my spring fling.
Let me just tell you now, none of these I don't more than love from first impressions with both my left and right eye!

Let's begin with Mineralize Eyeshadow in Golden Hours, £17.

Complete with 'Copper Bronze', 'Soft Golden Peach', 'Pale Yellow Gold' and 'Golden Brown' I felt this was the perfect eyeshadow combination for my dark brown eyes.  There is the perfect combination of neutral tones which could easily be worn for a casual daytime look or built up for an occasion.

So far I have experimented with 'Golden Brown' and 'Pale Yellow Gold'.  Whilst the pigmentation is strong for 'Golden Brown', I found the colour didn't stay as bold throughout the day, despite wearing a primer.  However, 'Pale Yellow Gold' provided a perfect shimmer, colour and longevity, the result, very impressed!  The remaining shades I am yet to play with, but will do so no doubt over this weekend...

Next we have the blushers, Azalea in the Afternoon and Petal Power, both £20 and look absolutely delicious.  They definitely make you want to step in to Spring!

Yesterday I wore Azalea in the Afternoon Mineralize Blush with the finish was beyond stunning and easy to blend.  The pigmentation was perfect, adding a subtle glow to my cheeks and also a small shimmer.  I found the colour to last me a full day at work, which I was shocked about giving its pale colour.  This could either be built up to create a stronger colour or used to give that subtle love struck look.

Azalea in the Afternoon

Petal Power is a stronger pink shade with more coral undertones than Azalea in the Afternoon.  My swatch (as seen below), shows that there is a subtle shimmer with this which just adds to my excitement to play with this rosy floral fantasy.

Petal Power

Top, Azalea in the Afternoon, Bottom, Petal Power

On to the Stereo Rose, Mineralize Skinfinish, £22 and where do I even begin?  This product I read was a big hit with you folks before so I got my mittens on it whilst I could.  Flipping heck kiddie-winkles I know why.  The effect this has on your skin is just breathtaking, a golden bronze shimmer gracing your face.  Whilst it can be powdery to apply I actually found the colour of this perfect for my skintone, adding that perfect coral/golden glow to my cheeks.

I put the flash on for this swatch so you can see the full effects of this stunner ...

Finally, we have the lipstick collection consisting of Naked Bud, a neutral sheer nude, Dreaming Daliah, a sheer red coral, Snapdragon, a midtone blue/pink and Heavenly Hybrid, a midtone Berry, each priced at £15.

Dreaming Daliah

Naked Bud

Heavenly Hybrid


 I am yet to experiment with any of these shades, but here we have it, the swatches!  The consistency of them on my skin felt smooth and silky, creamy, ready to dazzle those lips.

Naked Bud and Dreaming Deliah are more sheer, but easily build up to a strong lip colour, whereas Heavenly Hybrid and Snapdragon hold strong pigmentation automatically.

From my first impressions and swatches I cannot wait to try each and every one of them as they all look incredible!  Personally, I cannot get enough of a bold lip so the Heavenly Hybrid instantly pops out, wanting to get straight on my lips...

This was more of a show and tell compared to a review of the products, so I hope you have enjoyed having a little butchers at what's hiding within the heavenly Fantasy of Flowers collection.  It sure is going to be a difficult collection to beat for SS14.


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